What’s Up With That?

Posted: March 2, 2007 by April Watkins in Current Events, Issues, Our Government, Politics
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Do you ever just sit up and say to yourself, “What was that about?”  or “How did that happen?”  I suppose it is because I constantly watch and read news items.  But these annoying questions sometimes stay embedded in my mind until I get to the bottom of the issue.  As the advertisement claims…“inquiring minds want to know.”  Well…here are some things my inquiring mind is pondering this week. 

1.                   Jimmy Carter – Nut or Nazi?  I’m stunned at his continual barrage of anti-Semitic statements, his pro-Palestinian (even under the leadership of Hamas) stance, and general anti-Jewish attitude.  If these are his true opinions…boy, were we all conned in 1976…then so be it.  But how utterly tacky and unstatesman-like for a former U.S. President to add fuel to the fire in the already tumultuous Middle East!  Does he not realize that our allies and our own troops will invariably be left to deal with the fallout of the continued conflict between Palestine and Israel?  Does he not realize that Palestine, especially under the flag of Hamas, is NOT our friend?  I’ve decided that maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt; surely he’s not a Nazi…maybe he’s simply eaten too many of his own peanuts.   

2.                   Why don’t we “break-up” with the U.N.?  Why continue to “go steady” with a partner (and in this case I use that word strictly as a metaphor) who is deceitful, cheats, embezzles our money and does not respect us?  If the United Nations were a boyfriend/girlfriend, you would tell him/her to take a hike.  Instead, we always seem to make up and then get stuck with the check for dinner!  I say enough!  Let them go steady with…say…France.  At least they would like the food. 

3.                   Why do we continue to fund the ACLU?  Even the name inflames my sensitivities…American Civil Liberties Union.  Ha!  They have become so far left of sane that there is nothing “Civil” about their version of “Liberties” and they are anything but pro “American.”  Union fits a bit better…thugs might be more appropriate in some cases…but that’s not a nice thing to say.  There was a time when the ACLU had a valid place and cause in our country.  They helped to gain true equality for minorities and women during the Civil Rights era of the 60s-70s.  But then something happened.  (Maybe they ate some of Jimmy Carter’s peanuts?)  In the 80s they began to represent organizations and causes that would be considered “past the pale” to most Americans.  Now they represent such upstanding organizations as NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association and yes…you read that correctly).  This last week we learn that the former president of the ACLU’s Virginia chapter has been arrested by federal agents for possessing child pornography.  Disgusting!  Time to “thin the herd” with this taxpayer-funded organization. 

Oh well…maybe America will return to sanity someday.  In the meantime, my inquiring mind must continue to search.  

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