Illegal Immigration and America’s Health

Posted: March 21, 2007 by April Watkins in Current Events, Immigration, Issues, Our Government
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Illegal immigration is a hot topic among the political punditry. Depending upon your view, it can be a matter of national security, a matter of economics, or a matter of compassion.  However, there is another serious aspect of the immigration quandary which is not being properly addressed…its affect on public health.   

Ever wonder why we are told to not drink the water in a foreign country?  Different bacteria can affect our immune systems.  Anytime new bacteria are introduced into an ecosystem or disease into a population, there is a consequence.  Historical evidence of this can be found in the devastating effect of small pox on the native populations during the settling of the New World.   

Years earlier, in order to combat the effects of incoming disease on our population, the United States passed immigration laws and set up immigration centers such as Ellis Island.  Here new aliens were checked for disease and quarantined until cleared for integration into our society.  Today, aliens entering our country are required to have proper immunization, and even U.S. citizens are required to be immunized for various diseases before travel to and from certain countries or territories.   

With estimates ranging from 15-20 million, the number of illegal aliens residing in America is staggering.  First, let me point out that illegal immigrants are not all Mexican.  It is important to note that the East Coast is teeming with numerous illegal aliens from the African continent.  States such as Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Texas see large populations of illegal aliens of Middle Eastern decent; while the West Coast is home to millions of illegals from Asian countries. The ripple effect of the health and habits of this many people should be viewed as a pandemic crisis by our government.   

Over the past decade, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued statements and warnings regarding the reemergence of diseases which had been thought under control or eradicated in the United States, such as tuberculosis and small pox.  Tracking of these cases clearly show the origins to be “foreign-born persons entering the United States.”  More frightening are the cases of Hepatitis and HIV that are reported each year, the vast number originating within the alien populations.   Recently, we have witnessed the outbreaks of E.coli in our food supply, salmonella in our restaurants, and flu epidemics in our schools.  Why?  Because we have 15-20 million people who live unchecked in our country.   

Fear of deportation, a lack of health insurance or financial means cause most illegals to forgo preventative medical care.  This means no immunizations and no treatment for ongoing diseases.  In addition, we must realize that sanitation habits, especially in third world countries, are extremely substandard to our own.  Thus, immigrants from those areas are not accustomed to the types of sanitary habits that we take for granted, such as washing your hands after using the bathroom.   

Regardless of your view of immigration reform, we must all agree that something must be done.  Leaving illegal immigration unchecked is dangerous to the health of our society…and that is Why It Matters.

  1. Allamar says:

    Who the hell is immunizing these anchor babies? letting these parasites in our schools . speak up out there Who? Infecting our children in our schools. Come on speak out. I want to hear ALL parents! AMERICA AWAKE. Watkins, Barrett our aliens to the American culture. Tax consumers not tax payers.

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