Lackeys of the Left

Posted: April 25, 2007 by April Watkins in Current Events, Military, Our Government, Politics, War on Terror
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In the wake of the horrific massacre at Virginia Tech, most Americans probably missed two important events that occurred in Washington, DC.   The first was the decision of the Supreme Court to uphold the ban on partial birth abortion.   

The second was the decision of the Democratic leadership to finally meet with President Bush to discuss the emergency military funding bill.  While nothing was gained in the meeting by either party, it was a smart move on behalf of House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-NV)…especially after the public and political heat they took for the Syria misstep.   

As I watched the post-meeting press conference with Pelosi, Reid, and a handful of family members of soldiers, something rang in my head.  What’s wrong with this scene?  Then it dawned on me…the scene, the issue, the participants are all out of context.  Here were partisan politicians using some rank-and-file soldiers and their family members to make authoritative statements on the validity of the mission and strategy of the Department of Defense.  How odd?   These well-intended folks do not have the authority or intelligence information to judge military decisions; including whether or not we should bring home troops, or when that should occur.  No military force in history has purposely allowed its rank-and-file troops to make strategic decisions on major operations or force withdrawals!  Sure, there have been individual incidences where the boots-on-the-ground have had to adapt to changing conditions and made decisions concerning a particular battle; but these are limited to specific battles – not war plans.

One might take notice of those military personnel who have voiced their judgment to prematurely withdraw from Iraq – none are active-duty officers.  Instead, this opinion is proffered by non-commissioned or non-active soldiers; those who are not privy to intelligence information, ongoing diplomatic negotiations, or the game plan for the war on terror.   Yes, that may sound a bit callous, even arrogant…but keep in mind these pertinent facts:


  • Our military is, first and foremost, an entity for protection to be used in armed conflict.  [Hence the term “armed”…it’s not a tea party.]
  • Every soldier, sailor, marine or airman volunteered for service. 
  • They volunteered to join the U.S. Armed Forces, not the Peace Corps.
  • Military service is a promise and a commitment to the people of our country.  It is not simply a way to pay for college or an alternative job option. 

Public figures, politicians and celebrity know-it-alls do no good for the morale or unity of our country by making uninformed public decrees.  They certainly are not adding to the morale of our troops with such public displays of discord!  They are simply continuing to mislead our uninformed and, generally uneducated, citizenry further down the yellow-brick-road of false conceptions.   

So, my observation for the week is this:  Before we adopt someone else’s opinions as our own philosophy, we should first stop to think.  Consider the context of their statements, the validity of their arguments and the ramifications of the rhetoric.  After all, many a wise stranger has left town a fool…and that is Why It Matters.


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