America the Weak?

Posted: May 16, 2007 by April Watkins in Current Events, Islam, Issues, Military, Politics
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America seems determined to loose the war in Iraq.  Just ask Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV).  At first I was infuriated with his blatant defeatist statement; then I realized…he’s right.  As it stands now, we will loose.  But not for the reasons he cites.  America, the land of the free and home of the brave, has the ability, the skills and the technology to win.  But, America has allowed herself to become the land of the weak and home of the sniveling.   

We could have won this war already, but we have become too wimpy to be effective.  You’d think that after the failed tactics of Vietnam, we would have looked back at our success in World War II and learned something; drop the bomb…annihilate the bad guys…return home.  Apparently not.  (Maybe it was all the dope smoking in the 60s and 70s that stunted our brains?)  Whatever happened, we forgot how to win.   

The integrity of our culture has dissolved so dramatically since World War II that we are mentally incapable of comprehending war, moreover doing what it takes to win a war.  We don’t understand WHY war is waged, HOW it is successfully executed, or what SACRIFICES are necessary for victory.  Thus, we now have a citizenry filled with ideas that are incongruent to the reality of warfare.  Ideas such as “negotiate for pullout,” “talk to the terrorists,” or “simply change our foreign policies.”  Ideas so naïve they are deadly.

 The “Why?”
Since time began there have been wars.  Wars are waged for power.  Power over a people and the acquisition of their land.  Power through the accumulation of greater wealth and natural assets.  And, power to control the religious belief systems of a people and the subsequent power it yields.  Wars are fought to deter the aggression of power.  To keep what is your own; your land, your freedom, your wealth, or your religion.   

The war we are involved in today didn’t begin March 19, 2003 with our siege on Iraq.  Its roots are found in the post-World War II era in Bosnia where Muslims began to gather and plot to take lands. Following the creation of Israel in 1948, Muslim extremists began organizing into specific groups to terrorize the Jews and maintain a thorn in the side of the Western powers and pro-Western Arabs. Their goal is no longer gaining back land…it is now recreating the Caliphate…a new and greater, global Islamic world.  Our fight has been mostly clandestine until recent years.  But the Jihad has gained strength, and now we must fight back to keep what is our own.

The “How?”
History teaches us that success in military campaigns is gained through overwhelming force brought quickly and violently upon the enemy in order to suppress any hope of retaliation.  General Sherman’s famous quote, “War is hell,” is no glib response.  It is a harsh and historic fact.  War IS HELL on earth. It is killing, mutilation, destruction…it is death.  It has to be.  Otherwise, one side cannot suppress the other.  War IS NOT negotiation or compromise.  Those acts are practiced either before a war is engaged or after a war is won, after one side has been suppressed.  Negotiation and compromise have no place in the midst of warfare.  

The reality of killing and destruction may horrify our modern, Christian sensibilities; however, we must remember that even God destroyed evil. The Bible reveals complete destruction of evil communities (which included women and children) through stories such as that of Sodom and Gomorrah, and of Noah.  Even the New Testament tells us how Christ stood up to evil, exposed corruption and cast out demons.  The reality of dealing with evil is harsh, it is violent; but we cannot allow our culture to be overtaken by evil.  As one American General stated, “You cannot reason with people who only wish you dead.”

The “Sacrifices”
We have heard stories of the sacrifices of our grandparents during World War II.  There were rations on everything from food to fuel, no luxuries, limited services, and little to no discretionary cash.  There were mandatory blackouts on the seaboards and roundups of various ethnic groups.  The sacrifices were harsh and severe for some.  Americans during this time participated in many efforts in SUPPORT of the war and our troops.  Like the Americans before them, our citizens joined the armed forces to protect their families from an evil that threatened the American way of life.   

When we look at today’s situation, ask yourself “What am I really sacrificing?”  Yes, we have longer lines for security checks, and there are the curtailments of certain “assumed liberties,” but compared to our forefathers are these worthy to be considered sacrifices?  Liberty has its cost, and sometimes that cost is greater than at other times.   


To my mind, the only real sacrifice is being born by the military and their families who wait and worry for their loved ones.  It is their sacrifices that allow us the freedom to argue moot points of liberties and rights.   

The American public no longer has the stomach to really fight.  For those who measure the acumen of the average American mind, this is not news.  How many times have you heard politicians and media pundits claim, “Americans are wearing tired of this war”? No kidding! We are a nation with attention deficit.   We are more interested in who is ahead in the American Idol contest or what the latest story line on Lost will reveal, rather than what is actually happening on the world stage.

The sad truth is…Americans do not care about the war…because we perceive that we are not personally affected anymore with terror.  So, instead, we naively look to summer vacation plans.  But, my fellow citizens, terror is swelling around the globe.  We must stay alert.  We must find our strength again to be worthy of being the descendants of the Americans who fought to give us freedom and liberties.  And that is…Why It Matters.   


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