In the past several weeks, I have been following a developing story being investigated by journalist colleagues for a not-for-profit organization called the American Congress for Truth (ACT).  Its president and founderBecause They Hate is Brigitte Gabriel, whom many of you may have seen in interviews on network and cable news programs.  Ms. Gabriel is a former reporter and news anchor with extensive experience in the conflict in the Middle East.  She founded the American Congress for Truth after September 11, 2001 to help educate Americans about the threat of radical Islam to world peace and our national security.  In addition, she is the author of the best selling book, Because They Hate, an expose on Islamic terrorism from her personal experience. 

Her board of advisors includes some of the top minds in counter-terrorism and national security, including a friend of mine, Major General Paul Vallely, US Army, (Ret.).  I met MG Vallely, along with his good friend and The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terrorco-author, Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, US Air Force (Ret.) in 2003 during an event in Washington, DC.   The Generals have written an eye opening book entitled, Endgame, which brilliantly explains the intricacies of the Middle East and how America and her allies must carefully play a chess game with evil.  During the time I spent with the Generals, I gained an insight into national security that very few Americans are shown.  One of the most stunning discoveries to me was that the threat from radical Islamists is not a “new” threat.  Our government and military have long been tracking, monitoring and silently dealing with this growing terror chain for decades.  The only thing “new” about Islamic terrorists is their spectacular debut onto the front row of world concern due to the attacks of September 11.   


Now we speed forward to Spring of 2007…no more attacks (that we see) on our homeland, certainly no problems in Tennessee.  Right?  Wrong.  While we have settled into our comfortable lives again, the terrorists have been planning.  They have been patiently waiting…and gathering…in our backyard…in Nashville.  

Chilling Information has been uncovered by Jerry Gordon and Lyn Andrea Andersen in their investigative report which has been made public by ACT.  Their report exposes grant fraud and al Qaeda connections in Nashville – a city in America that now has the largest per capita ratio of foreign born residents.   It explains that, while offering our Southern hospitality to refugees from war-torn regions of the Middle East [i.e.  Kurds, Christians from Iraq, Iran, Somalia, and the Sudan, among others], we have also turned a blind eye to growing communities of radical Muslims.   Further, they connect the dots of several incidents which reveal a web of Islamic terrorism throughout our country.  This web of Islamic Radicals has patiently infiltrated quiet communities across America bringing with them the long tentacles of terror ties.   [Click here to read the ACT investigative report.]

Adding insult to injury, Gordon and Andersen show how American taxpayers have funded programs and charities for these radical groups through federal grants composed of our tax dollars.  Most maddening, is the reality that our local, state and federal governments have been so bogged down in red tape and policy that the fraudulent practice of funneling tax dollars to terrorists has not been deemed troublesome enough for further investigation. 

In fact, it has barely made a blip on the radar of Tennessee media, with the exception of WSMV’s I-Team investigation on the grant fraud.  I urge you to look further into this story and others similar, online at  To read the transcript for the WSMV’s I-Team report, go to 

Terrorism is not a remote issue; it is now a reality in our lives, just as it has been in the lives of the citizens of Israel.  Just this week, radical Islamists in America have issued threats of pending attacks on U.S. soil, while our intelligence agencies report an increase in chatter among terrorist groups.   I bring you this information to emphasize the magnitude of this problem.  It is the defining issue of our generation and the reason I write…the story behind the title of my column and blog. We cannot sit silently and allow a second Holocaust to fester.   We owe our fellow citizens, our neighbors, and most of all, our family and our friends the responsibility of being alert and staying informed.  And that is…Why It Matters.


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