Manipulating the American Mind

Posted: July 28, 2008 by April Watkins in Current Events, McCain, Media, Media Bias, Obama, Politics
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It seems that the “mainstream media” has finally thrown down the gauntlet this past week, challenging the American public to dare to disagree with their assessments.  From The New York Times to the three major broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, and CBS), the mainstream media have boldly demonstrated their unwillingness to report both sides of a story.  In today’s world, “news” has a different focus and purpose than that of yesteryear.  Things are different – much different that most of us realize.  We may think that the politicians have control over everything, but those who are actually at the helm are the “new American media.”   

It’s difficult to imagine that so few can control the thoughts and actions of so many.  But then again… just look to Germany in the 1930-40s.  Here’s a question:  While you late baby boomers were in medical school, law school or struggling to get accepted into an MBA program, where were your cool friends?  Your buddies?  The guys and gals you partied with on weekends?  No guesses, no ideas?  They were in class with me and the creative, love-the-world types, sitting in classes for communications, journalism, and music or in broadcasting studios as interns.  Many were liberals then and many are resolute liberals now.  Today, our liberal friends own, run, and direct the editorial focus of the media companies owned by the “establishment” which they once disdained.  


Realizing that the average American pays little to no attention to serious news, moreover to political issues, the potential of influencing our nation’s political course became too tempting an opportunity for the new mainstream media.  By refocusing on issues and people who share the liberal viewpoints of the new mainstream media, they have created a one-sided perspective or bias in their coverage and reporting.  Additionally, we have seen a growing trend in our mainstream media outlets to create the news — rather than to report the news.  We have witnessed the fusion of entertainment and hard news, the exploitation of grief in the pursuit of ratings, and the manipulation of words for persuasion.   

You can check out the many examples of media bias and incorrectness at D.C. based, Media Resource Center, headed by Brent Bozell.  Here are a couple of recent examples of bias from just this past week:

1.  The New York Times published an essay written by Democrat Presidential candidate, Senator Barak Obama, entitled “My Plan for Iraq.”  A few days later Republican Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain submits an editorial essay to the Times in response to Obama’s claims.  Former aide to President Clinton and now Op-ed Editor for The New York Times, David Shipley, rejected McCain’s written piece and had the audacity to suggest that McCain rewrite the piece stating, “It would be terrific to have an article from Senator McCain that mirrors Senator Obama’s piece. To that end, the article would have to articulate, in concrete terms, how Senator McCain defines victory in Iraq.”  In other words, Shipley deliberately tried to put McCain on the defensive and position him as the inexperienced underdog having to answer to a presumed proven authority.  The Times knew that neither McCain nor his advisors would agree to such absurd conditions; thus the “Gray Lady” skillfully avoided having to provide a platform for McCain’s conservative views. 

2.  Meanwhile, in an unprecedented move, all three major broadcast networks (ABC, NBC and CBS) sent not their political reporters assigned to the candidate, but their network anchorsthe icons of their news operations – to follow Obama on his maiden voyage through the Middle East.  Conversely, John McCain’s eight – yes eight – trips to the region apparently did not warrant an entourage of network anchors, nor did McCain’s trips make headline news.   

So you ask, what’s the big deal?  Let’s take a look at the average loyal-network watcher.  They choose Katie because she’s perky; or they watch Brian because he appears sincere; or maybe they prefer Charlie because he seems to be believable.  To average Americans, these anchors are vitally important to their understanding of current events.  As many studies have proven, the average American knows little about our nation’s history and cares even less about following political campaigns.  Instead they want to be entertained; they want to concentrate on vacations; or they are absorbed in their daily lives and jobs.  In a nutshell, they don’t take time to digest the news and make sense of it.  Instead, they use their anchor-surrogates to tell them right from wrong, good from bad, and truth from lies.  What they don’t realize is that much of what they are getting is biased opinions, manipulated headlines, and blurbs designed to reinforce a specific political focus.

Americans must wake up!  This means our citizens must look closely at the policies and intent of the politicians; to analyze what’s really being said; and not be swayed by flowery or emotional speeches.  Fellow Americans, it is critical that we look past the hype to find the real truth in order to make sound, informed judgments as to who will best lead our country defensively, economically, and morally.  America’s future lies in our hands…and that’s…Why It Matters. 



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