The Audacity of Hope Versus the Reality of Change

Posted: August 14, 2008 by April Watkins in Current Events, Issues, Obama, Our Government, Politics
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The pedestal upon which Barak Hussein Obama was placed in his youth provided him with a utopian vision of what might be attainable for any citizen. In his book The Audacity of Hope, Obama discusses the fortitude that one must possess to aspire to a position of power and influence. On its face, this concept has a noble and commendable purpose.

After only a little more than seven months as a United States Senator, preceded by an eight year stint as a member of the Illinois State Senate, and touting work credentials as a “community organizer,” this unproven young man has decided that he is qualified to be the next President of the United States of America. By the way…what is a community organizer? What experience in governance does this job require? Also, “Who” is being “organized” and for what purpose?

Obama – who has zero military experience; very questionable liaisons with known terrorists; and long-term relationships with radical, liberal, socialist types – has concluded that he is seasoned and qualified to be the President of our country, the leader of the free-world, and the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces. One wonders how such a novice has managed to mesmerize a great number of Americans who view him as the Messiah of Hope and Change. As Obama arrogantly stated, “We are the change we have been waiting for.”

The mantra of the Obama campaign is a continual drone of the rhetoric of “change.” The “Change You Can Believe In” apparently includes multiple changes in Iraq, change in tax rates, changes for economic equality for all, change in the inheritance tax, change in your income tax…and on and on. For the Obama camp, if you’ve got a dilemma – they’ve got your change. As defined by Roget II © 1996, the word “change” is defined as “a conversion,” “a mutation,” “to leave or discard for another,” “a transformation.” Merriam-Webster © 1980 characterizes the term “change” as “to replace one with another.”

To claim that you will bring change is subjective…change can be for the better, or change can be for the worse. Unfortunately, Obama has yet to define to the American voter his exact ideas of those changes he proposes. In the words of syndicated columnist, Thomas Sowell, “Facts become obsolete as Obama repeats his [hypnotic] mantra of change.”

In the Washington Post (July 25, 2008), Charles Krauthammer, syndicated columnist, writes that adhering to the Democratic view of two years ago, Obama voiced his resolve to withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible, “because the war was lost. Now, we are told [that his new rationale to withdraw from Iraq] is to save Afghanistan.” Apparently faced with the realities on the ground in the Middle East, Obama has switched positions on several of his policies.

Obama and his campaign advisors continue to lure politically naïve Americans with the promise of changing the way Washington works. Conversely, it is NOT the President that has the power to make sweeping changes in national policies. It is the United States Constitution that grants Congress the power of proposing legislation and appropriating funding.

Are we to believe that things will be different with Obama as President – when, in fact, we have had Democratic majority control in both the House of Representatives and in the United States Senate for almost 2 years now who have produced no significant legislation to assist the average American; and have stubbornly refused to address the mounting demand for action to relieve America’s oil and gas crisis. As I said previously, change can be for the better, or change can be for the worse. As responsible voters, we must examine the candidates, their policies, and their proposals for change in order to make the best choice for America’s future. And that is…Why It Matters.

  1. Many Americans are fooled by this smooth talking young Senator. They mostly believe CHANGE will help them pay their bills, go to college and bring marriage proposals for their ugly sisters. Evidently they do not realize it will take their pocket CHANGE to finance all of these dreams; and that the congress and senate as it now sits is the wrong that needs righting.
    CHANGE will happen when and if Conservatives take both houses and bring Constitutional options and laws into perspective once again.

  2. The Audacity of Hope versus the Reality of Change is nothing more than WORDS that apply only to those who have no Hope or Faith in America.

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