Mile-High in Denver, But Low on Facts

Posted: September 3, 2008 by April Watkins in Current Events, Issues, Military, Our Government, Politics, Small Towns, War on Terror
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Youth Vote Clueless on Obama Platform

Last week’s DNC convention proved to be a super-charged event. Young people came from across the country to participate in many outdoor rallies, marches for various causes, assorted protests, and some just to create their share of anarchy. Outside of the typical “anti-everything” groups, the Obama fans were swept up in the carnival atmosphere surrounding this historic event. The convention, which was supposed to have been a serious gathering to elect the official nominees of the National Democratic Party, appeared, instead, to have a completely different purpose for much of the youth. For those young, new Democrats, “party” seemed to be their key purpose.

The youth movement for Obama seems based on emotion rather than reason. College students across the country cite attributes that are idealistic in their pro-Obama decision, such as his youthfulness, multi-racial appeal, his promise of changing government, his opposition to war, and his harmonious view of foreign relations.

Few of the young people who were interviewed by the media knew anything about their chosen candidate. They did not know his background; they did not know Obama’s voting record in the Senate; nor did they know his policies and positions on important issues facing the nation. Barak Obama is merely the new “American Idol” to the mass majority of young voters. It’s hip to be for Obama – he’s young, mixed-raced, cool, and is from Hawaii – I mean, what’s not to like?

With Obama they see the face of “change” and want to embrace the “new.” They want to show the “establishment” that they are relevant and Obama is their standard. Does this sound familiar to you children of the 60s?

Unfortunately, we have failed our younger generations in teaching the grave importance of choosing a person who will be our President, Commander-in-Chief, and the world’s leader. Instead of emphasizing the expected role that they would one day assume as responsible citizens, we have allowed them to remain in a state of perpetual childhood. They have seen no real hardships or rations; were not yet born to watch the daily TV scroll of the names of our military dead from Vietnam; too young to have understood the significance of a constant nuclear threat and the collapse of the USSR.

When questioned by the media about the most important issue or policy of the Obama platform that convinced them to vote for Barak Obama, they simply could not answer. Those that attempted an answer repeated only campaign slogans. Again, when asked to specify one of Obama’s policies or plans for his administration, these young people could not name even one. Why you ask? Because they really do not care about things that do not have an immediate affect on them. It’s simply the excitement of the event, rather than the consequence of their vote.

Real-world reality has not touched our young people to make them appreciate America’s bounty in comparison to the world beyond our borders. As Rev. Rick Warren stated during the Saddleback sessions, “I’ve been all over the world and I can tell you…everyone in America is rich. Even the poorest of our poor have more than most of the world’s citizens.” Therefore, the ideals that our young people champion as America’s perceived deficits, such as extreme environmentalism, seem silly in comparison to the lack of basic necessities in much of the world. This only proves to further alienate them from the “establishment.”

We, the older generations, have not fully explained the importance of such basics realities as:

· History: What were the principles upon which our country was founded with its Judeo-Christian precepts; and what is the difference between a citizen’s “Constitutional right” and a “privilege.”

· Defense: Why a country must always be prepared to defend itself and its people. Throughout history warfare has been a reality and defense has always been a necessity in a world where greed and evil seek power and control over others.

· World Affairs: Why diplomacy has always been, and will always be, like a game of chess with carefully crafted moves, appropriate timing and the necessity of choosing the right allies at the right time.

· Domestic Economics: How America’s entrepreneurs create income and raise the standard of living for all, and how excessive taxation on the rich kills the investment capital needed to create jobs and benefits that trickle down to the working classes.

· Commerce and Trade: How America’s trade policies affect both domestic and foreign markets in this global economy and impact our Homeland Security.

By ignoring this disconnect with our youth and not insisting on better education, we are neglecting our responsibility as parents, teachers, and citizens. Moreover, we are placing our safety, freedom and economic security in the hands of many uninformed young people and other misguided voters who do not understand the ramifications of their choice nor the effect on America’s future. And that’s…Why It Matters.


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