RNC Continues Straight Talk with Explosive Speeches

Posted: September 4, 2008 by April Watkins in Current Events, Issues, Military, Our Government, Politics, Small Towns, War on Terror
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When the Republican National Committee chose the XCEL Energy Center in Minneapolis-St.P Paul, MN, they knew just what they were doing. With a fractured party determined to self destruct over single issue politics, it looked as though the party would fizzle in the wake of the Obamania of the Democrats.  But much more was at work…candidates had no idea what was in store for their event…American viewers expected more boring hyperbole from long-time politicians… and Democrats felt secure in the excitement of their ticket.

Instead, XCEL Energy Center stood up to its name as speaker after speaker ignited this once frustrated party.  A continual build up of energy was tangible in the arena as Republican leaders, and guest speakers began to describe the Maverick McCain.

Tonight’s addresses by former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Vice Presidential Nominee Gov. Sarah Palin blew the roof off of the arena with their explosive detailed comparisons of the McCain-Palin ticket and the Obama-Biden ticket.

The media and its pundits criticized Gov. Palin for everything they could dream up.  “She’s inexperienced,” they claimed, “she’s no leader.”  Tonight, Sarah Palin showed the Democrats as well as the world, that she is a keg of dynamite. not to be intimidated, bullied or outwitted.  Governor Palin is the woman we all want to be.  Her address to the convention and the world was absolutely brilliant.

Mayor Giuliani was deliberate, decisive and powerful in his analysis of the opponents.  Reviving his experience as a Federal Prosecutor, he systematically rebuked every claim and false statement that the Obama camp had attributed to McCain and Palin’s ability to lead.   It was in short…genius.

Vice Presidential Nominee Gov. Sarah Palin

Vice Presidential Nominee Gov. Sarah Palin

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani

You must read the entire text from each of these outstanding speeches.  Links to the full text can be found at the 2008 GOP Convention web site:



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