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Posted: October 9, 2008 by April Watkins in Current Events, Issues, Our Government, Politics
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The 2008 Presidential election is historic on several fronts.  First, it is the culmination of Martin Luther King’s dream of equality as Obama becomes the first African American to be the candidate for a major political party.  Secondly, it confirms equal rights for all as a woman is tapped to be the VP running mate for a major political party.  The selection of Governor Sarah Palin stands second only to that of Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro in 1984.  Thirdly, this election comes at a critical time for our country and, indeed, the world as we teeter on the edge of an economic collapse in the midst of a global war against radical Islamic terrorism.

Biden and Palin meet at debate

Biden and Palin meet at debate

Thursday’s debate between the Vice Presidential candidates revealed more than policy positions and campaign talking points.  It provided the American people an opportunity to observe the capabilities and intellect of each potential second-in-command.  First, it illuminated the psychological shrewdness and political acumen of Governor Sarah Palin.  And secondly, while exhibiting Senator Joe Biden’s years of experience in public service, it also tacitly exposed a disconnect between generations with statements from the Senator.

After weeks of punches from the media and borderline slander from the Obama campaign and its surrogates, Governor Palin proved that she is unflappable.  She is a tough-skinned politician with a soft appearance and, therefore, lies her lioness shrewdness.

Attempts by the media and the opposition to discredit Palin’s abilities and, thus putting to question the adroitness of McCain’s decision making, Thursday’s event played right into the hands of the McCain-Palin campaign.  This rumor mongering led to lowered expectations of Palin’s ability to demonstrate her depth of understanding on key issues.  Americans awaited a mediocre performance, but Palin executed an almost flawless show of command, fearlessness and intellect.  She was more than able to speak to the details of world affairs, as well as the economy.  Her experience as governor provided an in-depth understanding of budgeting, managing, and negotiating.  Additionally, she surpassed Biden on issues such as energy production, standing up against big oil companies and ecological issues.  Palin was not shy to tackle head-on any of the questions posed to her, nor was she reluctant to confront Biden on his incorrect comments.  She pivoted when needed and punched when necessary.

To some, Sarah Palin entered the stage as a lamb. But to most, she exited the stage as a lioness.

Having spent 35 years in the political arena, Senator Biden proved to be an effective speaker.  However, his performance seemed to lack the fiery rhetoric for an impassioned offensive.  Instead, he appeared many times to be on the defensive – grasping for answers to deflect Palin’s piercing points.   Biden aimed some successful lobs at McCain’s record, some of which Palin did not bother to readdress.  The Senator also put a new spin on his admiration of Obama and Obama’s leadership abilities.  This was a new stance which was inconsistent with Biden’s earlier statements prior to his acceptance as Obama’s running mate.  For instance, Biden had stated that, in his opinion, Obama was not fit to be Commander-in-Chief.  He also chided Obama for trying to cut off funds for the troops.  Biden’s sudden change of heart should certainly give one pause.  Has Biden’s intense desire to be Vice President caused him to completely dismiss his prior convictions and opinions about the young, inexperienced Senator Obama?  One wonders.

With an astonishing tally of almost 70 million viewers, this Vice Presidential debate recorded the largest viewing audience in history (second only to the 1992 Presidential debate between Clinton-Bush-Perot). This fact exhibits that, whether by conviction, concern or curiosity, the American public is engaged in this year’s election.  As many pundits have stated, this is the most important election in our lifetimes.  And that is…Why It Matters.

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