Entering A New Era – United or Divided

Posted: November 7, 2008 by April Watkins in Current Events, Current Issues, Islam, Obama, Our Government, War on Terror
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Election Day – November 4, 2008 marked the day of the beginning of a new era – a new age in the history of America, as well as the world.  

Obama victory speech

Obama victory speech

Now that Barak Obama has won the 2008 election for the Presidency of the United States, he will be faced with the stark reality of the very real threat of Islamic terrorism and the encroaching wave of Muslim presence throughout our country as well as Europe.  Because the media has been so focused on the Presidential Campaigns, most Americans have not been alerted to events happening around the world that signal an ominous threat.  Even now, reports are surfacing of plots and plans that threaten the infrastructure, industrial centers and financial markets.  The most terrifying information seeping out of classified intelligence is the discovery of a larger plan of the Islamists to assert their dominance throughout the world with the creation of a global Caliphate.   

This election comes at a time when modern civilization is again at a crossroad.  We face an enemy whose intention is to achieve global dominance.  While this enemy can be easily compared to Hitler’s Nazi Germany with its goal of domination and totalitarian rule, the fight is a new type of war, unlike any before. 

At the same time, we are engaged in an internal clash of huge proportion – not seen since possibly the 1860s when divisiveness turned into the Civil War.  Once again in the United States, we have a citizenry one-nation-under-godthat is polarized via its core beliefs to the point of a standoff.  The outcome of this election is poised to spur the tensions of each side.  The result may be disastrous. 

If we are to remain a country of unified states: “One nation under God,” then we must continue to inform ourselves on the issues that will affect our well-being, protect our country and preserve our traditional Judeo-Christian heritage.  An uninformed citizenry is a prime target for the ambitions of dictatorial rule.  It is said that “People get the government they deserve.”  Let us hope that we are worthy enough to deserve our Constitutional Republic. 

It has been 232 years since the Founders entrusted us with a new nation whose freedom was won by sacrifice and secured by their commitment to its preservation.  It is now our responsibility to ensure that the United States of America remains the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.”  And that is…Why It Matters. 


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