BREAKING NEWS – Adam Walsh’s Murderer Confirmed After 27 Years

Posted: December 16, 2008 by April Watkins in Breaking News, Child Safety, Protecting Our Children
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John Walsh and his family have just been given confirmation of the identity of the murderer of their, then 6 year old son, Adam.  Ottis Toole, who had been arrested earlier and initially confessed to the crime, later denied having any connection.  The Walsh family have waited 27 years for closure of this tragic episode in their lives.

After the murder of his son, John Walsh has dedicated his life to protecting children and bringing forth legislation to help find and prosecute child abductors and murderers.  The work of The Adam Walsh Foundation has produced ground-breaking innovations to protect children.  CODE-ADAM is their flagship program that is now practiced across the nation.

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act (Pub.L. 109-248) was signed into law by U.S. President George W. Bush on July 27, 2006. The legislation organizes sex offenders into three tiers, and mandates that Tier 3 offenders (the most serious tier) update their whereabouts every three months with lifetime registration requirements, Tier 2 offenders update their whereabouts every six months with 25 years of registration and Tier 1 offenders update their whereabouts every year with 15 years of registration . Failure to register and update information is made a felony under the law. It also creates a national sex offender registry and instructs each state and territory to apply identical criteria for posting offender data on the Internet (i.e., offender’s name, address, date of birth, place of employment, photograph, etc.) [source:  Wikipedia]

Today, America weeps with the Walsh family as they finally receive a bit of closure for the loss of Adam, although nothing can vindicate the loss of any child.  As a nation, we are grateful to John Walsh and his work to bring crimes against children into the public forefront.

Godspeed to little Adam.  May God keep you and the other children who are victims in his special care.


  1. Shirley Lowenstein says:

    This is a tragic piece of legislation. It takes a class of people and denies them their civil rights. This law will lead to fascism under the guise of “protecting children”, while violating the basic tenet of the constitution granting civil rights to all its citizens and judging people innocent until proven guilty. It is imprisoning people for what they might do, and not what they have done. Prison is a place to put people who are a menace to society. Viewing porn, even disgusting child porn, threatens no one. Under this law, the viewing of child pornography gives that person a mandated minimum prison term of five years for a first offense. No study has shown that a person who views will next turn to molesting. Quite the contrary. There is virtually no recidivism from this group and next to none who have not previously molested anyone will ever molest anyone. They lose their jobs, their homes, deprive the nation of their services in their careers and put them as wards of the state. Do you dare to call this justice? For shame.

    • Shirley Lowenstein says:

      What do you mean that my comment is awaiting moderation?

      • Thanks for asking this question. The wording that WordPress uses is a bit confusing. It should read “awaiting approval” or something similar. However, this means that the owner of the blog has the right to view any comment and either allow or refuse its publication on their blog. The moderator is the person who makes such a decision; it does not mean that your comment will be altered. Certainly not by me. I uphold the tenet that people can speak their minds as long as it is not lurid. If so, I choose to simply refuse to post any nasty comments. Anyone is allowed to agree or disagree with my thoughts and opinions, but I set a standard as to what I will allow on my site.

    • Shirley, I can understand your concern with too much governmental control. I am totally against big government. However, I have done extensive research on this subject and found that child molesters cannot be “cured” or “rehabilitated.” Even the molesters themselves will admit that the urge still remains even after years of therapy and even after castration in some cases. It is a sad thing, but one we must realize that there are people who are simply BAD people and no amount of TLC can reform their minds from their dementia.

      As far as viewing porn, you are wrong. Child pornography is ILLEGAL and even viewing it is illegal as it adds to the demand for this disgusting abuse. Viewers of this trash are, indeed, a menace to society as they perpetuate the depravity. Frankly, if someone is screwed up to the point of finding interest or excitement in child pornography, they are, in your words, a “class of people” whom ARE dangerous to civil society. These sick fools deserve the scrutiny they get; and if that results in losses, tough – I care not.

      Do you honestly think that you could look into the eyes of a victim or their parents and say that these people have rights after the crime they committed – an act that they knew was wrong before they perpetrated it? The minute they perpetrate the crime is the minute that they take away the rights of the victim and, thus, their rights are from that point negated. Doesn’t sound “fair” to a liberal ear, I’m sure. However, life is not fair and the base nature of man calls for a base type of punishment.

      However, I agree that child molesters should not be “wards of the state,” rather I believe whole heartedly that they should be hanged on the courthouse square in public, shaming themselves and further underscoring the point that depravity toward anyone, but especially children, will not be tolerated in America.

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