The Right to Exist – The Will to Defend

Posted: January 8, 2009 by April Watkins in Islam, Israel, War on Terror
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As most of us have witnessed over the weekend, the ruling body of Palestine, Hamas – a terrorist group funded by Muslim extremists, has refused to cease its daily bombardments into Israel. After years of constant terrorism, suicide bombers and periods of rocket attacks on Israeli villages, Israel stood up (again) and said “ENOUGH.”  Israeli troops crossed the Gaza border along with air support in full attack to make a clear and decisive statement, not only to the Palestinians, but to other Muslim extremists groups in the region, “WE WILL DEFEND OURSELVES!”

Jan 6, 2009.  A mobile artillery gun fires from the Israeli side of the border toward targets in the southern Gaza Strip.

Jan 6, 2009. A mobile artillery gun fires from the Israeli side of the border toward targets in the southern Gaza Strip.

Ownership of the Holy Land has long been contested and subject to consecutive wars.  A brief synopsis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from Wikipedia tells us the following:

The modern state of Israel has its roots in the Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael), a concept central to Judaism since ancient times, and the heartland of the ancient Kingdom of Judah to which modern Jews are usually attributed. After World War I, the League of Nations approved the British Mandate of Palestine with the intent of creating a “national home for the Jewish people.” In 1947, the United Nations approved the partition of Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab. On May 14, 1948 the state of Israel declared independence and this was followed by a war with the surrounding Arab states, which refused to accept the plan. The Israelis were subsequently victorious in a series of wars confirming their independence and expanding the borders of the Jewish state beyond those in the UN Partition Plan. Since then, Israel has been in conflict with many of the neighboring Arab countries, resulting in several major wars and decades of violence that continue to this day. Since its foundation, Israel’s boundaries and even the State’s very right to exist have been subject to dispute, especially among its Arab neighbors. Israel has signed peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, and efforts are being made to reach a permanent accord with the Palestinians.


Ambassador to the United Nations Gabriela Shalev speaks during a Security Council meeting on the situation in Gaza at United Nations Headquarters in New York. Photo:AP

Israel has attempted to negotiate peace with the Arab and Muslim groups that inhabit parts of its total area. Insteadthey have been subjected to various forms of terrorism for the past 50 years.  From the beginning of time, wars have been waged with the victor claiming the land, its people and its assets.  The world witnessed a prime example of this customary practice after WWII when Germany was divided.

Given these facts, one must ask why the Palestinians, along with other Muslims and Arabs, refuse to acknowledge their loss?  Why should they be different than any other country that lost land and territory after a war?  This is especially confusing given that the State of Israel is a democracy and does not impose its religion or customs on non-Jews living within its borders.  Christian monks have lived in relative peace with the Jews in Jerusalem – with the occasional theoretical argument over who should have control over which sections of the city.   However, let me point out that none of these disagreements have disintegrated into battle or worse, terrorism.

Another question to ponder:  News reports speak of hardships and starvation for the Palestinian women and children.  So why do the neighboring Muslim countries not send aid in the form of food and supplies to the Palestinians?  Instead they send weapons and warriors.  Logically, that would lead to the assumption that the destruction of Israel is more important to the greater Islamic world than the lives of the innocents living in the Palestinian areas.

The answer to both questions is Islam.  This religion is a cult of immovable, unbending, tyrannical Imams who independently control their congregations like war lords, rather than spiritual leaders.  Their “holy book”, the Qur’an, is filled with hatred for all other people except Muslims who believe like the extremists.

To understand the world-wide war we are engaged in today, we Westerners must come to terms with the fact that there are no moderate Muslims – “moderates” are considered “fallen” and no longer “worthy to be considered a Muslim” by the traditional Islamic world.  Because the people of the Western world have been nurtured in the basic Christian beliefs of goodness and forgiveness, many of us are simply incapable of comprehending the Muslim mind.  Our memories of past wars tend to focus on the heroes, the great battles and tragic failures of our various conflicts. However, the Muslim mind is conditioned to focus on its enemies, with a fixation on a continuing animosity that persists from generation to generation.

Today’s generation of Westerners seem to be completely unaware of the realities of war – even oblivious of the necessity to engage in any military conflict.  The distance between our citizens of today and those of “The Greatest Generation”, for example, is an abyss.  In attempting to protect our children from base realties of the nature of man, we have left them unarmed against an enemy that looks to conquer our way of life and impose Islamic rule in a World Caliphate.

It is important to note that all Palestinians are not Muslim; there are small numbers of non-Muslims, Jews and Christians who are, themselves, tortured by their Palestinian-Muslim countrymen.  Brigitte Gabrielle is one such person.  Having fled with her family to America, her mission is to awaken the Western world to the truth of radical Islam.  You will find her latest book, They Must Be Stopped,  to be an eye-opening profile on the Islamic threat we face.

Israeli Soldiers on watch with The Dome of the Rock in background.  Photo Courtesy of AP

Israeli Soldiers on watch with The Dome of the Rock in background. Photo Courtesy of AP

Israeli youth are not so naïve.  They have personal family stories of the horrors of the concentration camps, and the reality of knowing that their sole existence is threatened generation after generation.  Israelis must be wary of suicide bombers on any given day.  They practice safety drills for rocket attacks by the Palestinians.  They endure the constant taunts from Iran that specifically state the Islamic goal of Israel’s annihilation.

Israel fights only for her survival.   Her future will be ours.  And that is…Why It Matters.


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