The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, otherwise known as the “House Stimulus Bill,” will go down in history as one of the most self-serving, outrageous acts any governing body has ever proposed.  The cost of the House bill is estimated at $825 Billion – a staggering amount that the U.S. does not have in its coffers. Thus, we would need to borrow the money from countries that will be glad to have the United States in their debt, such as China, Saudi Arabia, etc.  With accruing interest, the total cost is expected to run around $1.2 TRILLION dollars.  That’s TRILLION, my friends.  Ironically, everyone sitting in Congress will long be dead before this debt will be retired. 


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been walking on clouds since her Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed this mammoth legislation.  To hear her speak on this issue is truly a lesson in spin.  Either she actually believes that this monstrosity is the right thing to bring America out of its economic woes, or, most likely, she has gone insane in wielding her power. “If there is somebody who is disgruntled, so be it,” she arrogantly stated to reporters. Her sound bites infer that this was a unanimous vote from the Democrats in the House – FALSE.  The truth is 11 Democrats were strong enough to stand against her and say NO.  The final tally was 244 AYES (all Dems) to 188 NAYS (177 Republicans and 11 Democrats). So much for bipartisanship, uh?


During the White House briefings this week, reporters grilled Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on details outlining how many jobs this bill would create.  Gibbs, in his hesitating and faltering reply, finally let slip that some of the jobs would not “actually” be “created” but rather “saved” or would come to fruition in the future.  What?  Gibbs also confirmed that much of the spending would directly benefit and immediately help all Americans.  Really?


Below is a sampling of items included in this “emergency economic stimulus bill” which was supposedly created to bring our economy back into the black and put Americans back to work.  While many of these may be worthwhile expenditures, they are NOT appropriate in an economic stimulus plan and should be dealt with in other, more appropriate legislation…if at all. 


·         $90 Billion for infrastructure.

·         $87 Billion for Medicaid aid to states.

·         $79 Billions to school districts and public colleges to “prevent” cutbacks.

·         $24 Billion for “green jobs.”

·         $4 Billion for neighborhood stabilization – (aka ACORN and their ilk).

·         $1.5 Billion for a “carbon-capturing contest.”

·         $600 Million for universal health care promotion.

·         $400 Million to our “national treasures” which includes repairing the walls of the Tidal Basin in D.C.

·         $400 Million for HIV and Chlamydia testing.

·         $246 Million to Hollywood to “offset loss of income”.

·         $335 Million to the CDC for sexually transmitted disease education and prevention programs.

·         $200 Million for Dept. of Defense to acquire alternative energy vehicles, and

·         $200 Million for DOD plug-in car stations.

·         $25 Million for recreation maintenance (i.e. off-road ATV trails), plus

·         $20 Million for trail maintenance and restoration.


The Wall Street Journal identified more pork, writing, “We’ve looked it over, and even we can’t quite believe it. There’s $1 billion for Amtrak, the federal railroad that hasn’t turned a profit in 40 years; $2 billion for child-care subsidies; $50 million for that great engine of job creation, the National Endowment for the Arts; $400 million for global-warming research and another $2.4 billion for carbon-capture demonstration projects. There’s even $650 million on top of the billions already doled out to pay for digital TV conversion coupons.”


This mere sampling of expenditures totals around $3 Billion and accounts for less than 1 percent of the total spending package. Remember, these are YOUR TAX DOLLARS being allocated.  


You can download the complete 647 page bill (H.R.1.EH) from THOMAS, the Library of Congress’s legislative archives.  The direct link is  The bill has now gone to the U.S. Senate.  Let us pray that the Senators will kill the bill in its current form.  Now is not the time for pet projects, which are designed to ensure reelection for incumbents. 


Join the thousands of other Americans who are calling, writing or faxing their Senators and Congressmen to voice YOUR opinion on this wasteful spending. You may find Congressional information at and Senatorial information at 


Our nation is certainly in an economic crisis and a stimulus plan is badly needed.  However, it must address the economy – not special interest, expanded welfare or updates to currently budgeted programs.  And that is…WHY IT MATTERS.


  1. rjjrdq says:

    This “porkulus” package is several hundred pages of mazes of crap, yes Obama tried to ram this through without much debate. Obviously he didn’t write it, and he can’t know everything it contains. What’s going on here? Who’s running this circus?

  2. doc49er says:

    I think the package is well thought out and if anything under budgeted. Don’t you think it is high time we get away from the predictable, polarized writing that screams party affiliation after the first couple of sentences? “Let us pray that the Senators will kill this bill?” C’mon now, really? Isn’t there some constitutional constraints on combining church and state? So, you may be wondering about my “membership”? No, I am not a democrat. I am an extremely disappointed member of the Republican party whose articles such as these make me scream….ENOUGH!

    • Thank you for your reply, however it appears that you have not read the original House bill in its entirety, or the proposed Senate bill. I agree that we need a stimulus package, but not a spending packing that covertly introduces more government entitlements or unnecessary (at this time) research programs – all with no end date. I must disagree with you that the package is “well thought out.” It is not – in fact I will go so far to say that most of the members of Congress have not read the bills in their entirety, this is a task usually left to aides. But a bill of this magnitude deserves their personal examination. It may have specific sections, pork or pet projects that have been “thought out” by the Representatives or Senators that added to this behemoth piece of legislation, but neither the House nor the Senate version has been “well thought out” in respect to what would most benefit the financial stabilitiy of the Average American citizen. To spend this kind of money is something that should be carefully deliberated at length by both parties, and possibly – if classified info is used – in a closed meeting with several experts from each field. Rushing this or any other such fiscally irresponsible bill into law by either party merely confirms that this is a ploy to satisfy segments of the constituency in order to assure reelections. And yes, I’m sorry to say that is why it is being pushed. There are some great programs in this bill with which I agree, however they have NOTHING to do with stimulating our economic engine, in fact, some of them are meant to do away with, or severely cripple particular industries because some liberal activists do not agree with the existence of those industrial market segments (i.e. fur trade, mining, highway development, meat packaging plants, etc.) As far as being disappointed, I am too – with BOTH parties. I’ve yet to see bipartisanship since they all sung on the steps of the Capitol. Very sad, indeed.

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