Mexican Mayhem

Posted: March 4, 2009 by April Watkins in Breaking News, Current Events, U.S. Senate
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With all focus turned toward the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, little attention has been given to a vicious and deadly war occurring on our southern border.  The violence has now crossed over the border into American territory.  According to terrorism and gang experts, along with ATF and U.S. Border Agents, we can expect the violence to worsen and move further into the American heartland.  Mexico has become a dangerous and critical issue.

Drug Cartel WarsMany now speculate that Mexico is primed for a social and economic collapse.  As Glenn Beck has pointed out several times on his television and radio programs, “Mexico may well be our Archduke Ferdinand incident.”  Its instability may very well be the tipping point for world war.  Many Mexican citizens and U.S. observers will tell you that the drug lords have become the ruling authority in Mexico usurping the Mexican government through threats, bribery and outright violence.  Drug lords have taken control of vast areas within Mexico and are armed with the most modern and sophisticated weaponry. Mexican forces have been unable to quell the violence in their country, moreover stop it before it reached America.  Now the violence has spilled over into American border towns and cities, leaving a trail of blood and mutilation in its wake.

Surprised to hear this?  So was I and I am outraged that our government has not informed our citizens to the magnitude of this hostility.  Much of this information has been either ignored or omitted from most newscasts and newspapers.  Until now, what has been reported has been toned-down in order to decrease the threat level Americans might perceive. Why?  Because attention to this bloodshed would create anger, outrage and possibly panic.  Americans would again be up in arms (this time possibly literally) regarding illegal immigration and our open borders.  With only localized reporting of the atrocities, it is easier for the political players in border states to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration – even if it means dealing with beheaded bodies and kidnappings – in order to have enough low-level, low-paid workers that are needed to work the enormous farms throughout the Southwest and California, as well as cheap labor for the huge hotel/convention centers in Las Vegas.  [Makes you think twice about the actual motives of Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) along with their colleagues.]

Here are some mind-boggling statistics which illustrate the level of cruelty and the scope of impact that Mexico’s unrest has become:

  • Since December 26, 2008, approximately 400 bodies have been found along the Mexican/American border – wrapped-body-with-messagemany of whom have been decapitated or mutilated.  These bodies are found with messages spray painted on their wrappings warning the authorities NOT to get involved.
  • While the ATF tries to track and stop drug smuggling over the Mexican/American border, officials estimate that only 10% of the drugs are actually apprehended at the border, the rest making it across the border and are now on American streets for sale.
  • Violence in Juarez, which is just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, TX, has escalated to the point that, now, U.S. citizens fear for their lives.  The recent threats against the mayor of Juarez, Jose Reyes Ferriz, have caused him to move his family over the border into El Paso for safety.  El Paso police sources admit that they have received information that the cartels would be coming to El Paso to get Ferriz.
  • With police being killed, beheaded and mutilated, Mexican border towns are often left with no defense against the drug cartels.  MyFox Phoenix TV reported that in Villa Ahumada, the entire police for quit after 70 cartel members came through their town last spring, “killing the police chief, two offices and three townspeople.”
  • Last year Juarez and other border towns were witness to more than 1,600 murders; and hundreds of kidnappings.  Mexico City leads the world in kidnappings with an estimated 3,000 just last year.
  • On the U.S. side, Phoenix stands as the kidnapping capital of America with more than 370 cases last year.  kidnap-in-phoenixAuthorities say that 95% of the kidnappings are of adults, many with ransoms of $1 million or more.  This figure has risen by 50% since 2005.
  • The Associated Press reports that the U.S. State Department cites the murders of more than 6,000 people due to the drug wars in Mexico and on our border during 2008.  Since January 1, 2009 more than 1,000 people have been killed in the drug wars.

The Obama Administration is beginning to recognize the size of the threat from our southern neighbors, stating that drug wars from Mexico and other parts of Latin and South America pose a significant national security threat.  On February 20 of this year, the Department of State issued a travel alert warning American travelers about the increased violence in Mexico and advising travelers to take precautions.  Colleges and schools on the American side of the border have warned their students to avoid trips to Mexico for spring break.

In response to the new State Department alert, the U.S. Senate has seated a special panel to examine the violence on the border.  “The recent escalation of violence along the southern border demands our immediate attention,” said Senator Joseph Lieberman, the chairman of the panel. “We must assess border security programs and plans in place and we must review the readiness of federal, state, and local law enforcement.”

flags-mex-and-amIf the Mexican state falls into complete chaos, the fallout will hit America like a firestorm.  We will see violence spill into our states as drug cartels move further north.  Competition for turf inside the U.S. will, no doubt, create gang wars across our cities.  Among such chaos, our focus will turn inward; possibly leaving us open for attack by others, including latent Islamist terrorist cells. Mexico may, indeed, be the spark that ignites a world war.  It is a grim prediction, but one we must address.  And that is…Why It Matters.

  1. Despite current claims by the Obama Administration to the contrary, the border is NOT more secure and resourced than it has ever been. Most Americans know nothing of the Punitive Expedition or the Mexican Border Campaign which occurred 94 years ago and involved more than 100,000 National Guard and Regular Army troops. This was the opening act for American involvement in the Great War and acted as the catalyst to transform our military into a modern force.

    Here is a link to letters written by a National Guardsman on the Border exactly 94 years ago. Too bad our politicians are more interested in being politically correct than robustly defending the sovereignty of the United States.

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