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A preliminary draft of a press release mistakenly issued from the Secretary General of the United Nations:

Communists around the world REJOICE!  North Korea has successfully launched a Taepodong-2 missile (which unfortunately crashed into the Pacific Ocean) proving that it is a missile-launchplayer in the chess game of world armament.  After hearing the news of the launch, the United Nations scurried for an emergency meeting of the Security Council to discuss an appropriate response.  Flowers or chocolate?

Sound ridiculous?  It should! Although, you may be used to the absurdities from the U.N. by now.  No.  The real story, according to council president Ambassador Claude Heller of Mexico, is a unanimous accord “to continue consultations on the appropriate reaction by the council … given the urgency of the matter.”

Whoa…hold me back!  Maybe they took a page from the Obama War Manual?

Last Friday, The Washington Post reported a warning from President Obama that the United States and others in the international community would “take action” if North Korea continued with its plans.  “We will work with all interested partners in the international community to take appropriate steps to let North Korea know that they cannot threaten the safety and stability of other countries with impunity,” Obama said.

obama-and-brownApparently, Mr. Obama chickened out, as he ordered no military response.  For that matter, neither did Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom.  Evidently, like the U.N., socialists have no stomach for a fight when push comes to shove.  Obama’s inaction to use military deterrence has revealed his Achilles heel to our enemies: a weakness that will surely be tested again and again.

Meanwhile, the U.N. has proven completely inept in every security related endeavor.  In fact, they have proven incompetent at most everything, including their role as peace keepers, negotiators, and providers of humanitarian relief efforts.

Why should this be of such concern to us?  A 2008 report by the International Crisis Group at the U.S. Army War College stated that “North Korea has become the greatest supplier of missiles, missile components and related technologies in the developing world.”  The report confirms that North Korea is one of the principal providers of missiles to Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen.

It is inconceivable that President Obama did not know this information or that it was not presented to him in the daily National Intelligence Estimate.  So why is he playing free and loose with our nation’s security?  Is he not concerned? Or is he unable to multitask which is imperative for the office of President.  Possibly, Obama and company have been solely focused on implementing their blitzkrieg to inflict socialism upon America that real threats of security have been tossed by the wayside.

Our nation’s security is in peril…and that is Why It Matters.

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