An Open Letter to Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania

Posted: April 30, 2009 by April Watkins in Breaking News, Current Events, Democrats, Politics, Republicans, U.S. Senate
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This letter has been sent to the Senator’s office.  We hope to have answers from the Senator or his staff to share with you soon.

Dear Senator Specter,

I appreciate the opportunity to communicate with you.  I am a  journalist and a citizen of Tennessee.  In the wake of your announcement to switch party affiliations, I would like to ask a few questions in order to get your thoughts on why this was necessary and how this switch will help your Pennsylvania constituents.

It is often that one finds themselves at odds with the policy/platform of their own party.  I can understand your frustration with this type of situation.  However, it seems a betrayal to the Republicans and conservatives of Pennsylvania for you to change party affiliation in mid-term.  This could lead some folks to demand a return of their contributions to your campaign, which promised them Republican representation instead of liberal Democratic votes.

I’m sure no one would have a problem with your switch had it been done prior to your campaign and election, or after this term.  But this has set yet another precedent for American citizens to point to and say…”We cannot trust our politicians.”

  • Do you not think that your hasty retreat to the Democrats only hurts Pennsylvania citizens, as well as Americans hoping to find a statesman to follow?

  • Do you feel no remorse for abusing your position and turning your back on those who placed you in office?

Rather than the liberal cheers that I’m sure you are receiving from the Democrats, the public now looks at you as a betrayer, a “Benedict Arnold”, a power-monger more interested in his own re-election than his constituency.  This, sir, is a sad state of affairs, and certainly a disreputable way to be remembered in history.

I would like to understand your perspective better on your decision.  Should you decide to expand your interview circle and speak to the people (rather than the DC media & pundits),  please consider me as a fair and equitable journalist that will ask the tough questions, but will allow your point to be heard.

Again, I thank you and your staff for your time in reading this email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

April L. Watkins


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