Cheney Unleashes the Lions

Posted: May 21, 2009 by April Watkins in Breaking News, CIA, Current Events, Intelligence, Obama, Patriots, Terrorism, War on Terror, White House
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Former Vice President Richard (Dick) Cheney gave a speech today to the American Enterprise Institute (A.E.I.) in Washington, D.C.  His speech, which was planned some time ago, happened to occur just after Obama spoke to a group at the Capitol.  Cheney laid open the facts in the days and years just after 9/11 and told America that truth could be found in the classified memorandums that the Obama administration refused to release. 

The Weekly Standard’s Blog reports the full text of Cheney’s speech.  Click here.

Obama’s speech, which was aimed at Congressional Dems, was an attempt to explain his views on interrogations and the conundrum of Guantanamo.  It was a brilliant display of Socialism at it’s best. 

Interestingly, the text of the President’s speech is not available as yet.

  1. AGH NO NOT SOCIALISM!!!! Because the free market is working oh so well.

    • A free market has ups and downs, it adjusts constantly. It’s normal course of adjustment is thrown off when the government involves itself by trying to tie in entitlement programs (remember Fannie and Freddie started this mess). Our government’s role is NOT to manage our markets, it is primarily to prove defense for our safety. Read the Constitution.

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