The Left is stunned.  Liberals who put Obama in office are shaking their heads in disbelief that things have not happened as they planned…as they were promised.  The mantra of “Close Gitmo,” which was heard throughout the lengthy Presidential campaign, was to be the first sign of victory for the Liberal Left.  The Left had been guaranteed that “change” would be swift and decisive.

However, the Left did a poor job of due diligence in their assessment of the ethos of the American people.  It was easy to find a candidate that would represent a new era, a new government style.  Obama fit that role nicely:  he was young, affable and of mixed race, all of which was important to show the rest of the world that America was truly “progressive” at last; he was educated and well spoken, which was to provide proof to life-long Democrats that, despite his lack of experience, he was electable and “ready to lead”; finally, he was different from the norm, a must-have for the 20-and-30-somethings that intended to show their elders that they knew better than the “old” ways.  Liberals began to believe their own propaganda and convinced themselves of it by its repetition. 

Sadly, most Americans seemed complacent and were rarely interested enough in politics to get involved.  The Democrats counted on this fact and simply stoked the fire under long-time party members to vote straight down the party line.  It worked.  The Democrats knew they could win back the White House with this pep-rally approach, especially after a disastrous second Republican term.

However, it seems that the intellectually-elite Liberals have rationalized their opinions into a false reality.  Being primarily congregated in large cities and on both coasts, these Elitists fail to understand the vast Middle American mindset, as well as their own Blue Dog Democrats.  When faced with the startling possibility of al Qaeda terrorists being either released or moved into American prisons, the American public said “NO! Not in MY backyard!”  Angry calls, faxes and emails to members of Congress caused a dramatic reconsideration by Democrats.  Liberals were shocked when the “Senate voted 90-6 to join the House in blocking the transfer of any prisoners from Guantanamo.” (AP)  Further, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) even called for a detailed plan from the White House on the transfer and detention of Guantanamo prisoners before any further action would be taken.

This overwhelming response from the Congressional Democratic leadership should be a wake-up call for the Liberal Elite.  Regardless of campaign propaganda and promises, politicians tend to heed the consensus of their constituency in order to be re-elected.  Hopefully, this shows that the American public is not willing to suffer the consequences of some of the “changes” brought by the Obama administration.   This, along with numerous gaffes, should also show that, despite the conglomeration of Ph.D.s, the Obama administration is not prepared to lead or run our country.  And to the Liberal Intellectual Elite…this reality must really bite.

And that is…Why It Matters.

  1. I love your blog – beautiful writing, well done.

    I have added you to our blogroll and would invite you to come by to see our fledgling blog.

    Any advice would be great!

    I enjoyed the article quite a bit – I bet the WH was in a tizzy over those votes. I can only imagine that getting hit with the one two failures of Gitmo and gun control was too much for BHO to deal with.

    Makes the 3 day weekend so much better, eh?

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