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Posted: May 26, 2009 by April Watkins in Conservatives, Current Events, Libertarian, Obama, Politics, Republicans
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In my opinion, Colin Powell is truly confused.

  • First, it is obvious that he supported Obama simply because of his race, as any seasoned American General – especially a former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – would have detested Obama’s disdain for the military.  I expected better of Powell, I expected him NOT to be racist.
  • Now, we find that Powell is suddenly compelled to be a Republican…again.  Odd?  Further, his statements this weekend supporting the GOP to “broaden” their appeal, prove that he has no understanding of why the GOP lost in the last election.  It was because they were  too broad, so scattered in their messages, that they had no focal message for their base to embrace.  The GOP base voted with the Libertarians, as it seems the only truly conservative option available.
Powell on CBS's "Face the Nation"

Powell on CBS's "Face the Nation"


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