Absurdity in America

Posted: May 28, 2009 by April Watkins in Anti-Americanism, Breaking News, Current Issues
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Texas Hospital Worker Told She Can’t Hang an American Flag in Her Office

12:22 PM CDT on Wednesday, May 27, 2009

by: KHOU.com staff report

FORT WORTH, Texas—Is it appropriate to show your patriotism in the workplace?  A woman in North Texas thought so, but she was shocked to find out otherwise, KTVT in Dallas reports.  Debbie McLucas comes from a military family near Fort Worth.  Her husband and several kids have all served in the armed forces.  She decided to hang an American flag in her office at the hospital where she works.

But McLucas’ supervisor, who is from another country, complained that the flag was offensive.  McLucas was ordered to take it down.  “I was told immediately it wouldn’t matter if it was only one person. It would have to come down,” she told KTVT.

McLucas said hospital officials told her the flag outside the building should be enough for now.  “I find it very frightening, because if I can’t display my flag, what other freedoms will I lose before all is said and done?” McLucas told KTVT.

Corporate officials have yet to make a final decision on whether or not McLucas can have the flag in her office.

I ask you: Why are we tolerating this type of anti-American behavior? My voice says if one is offended by our flag, then don’t come to our country…for any reason.

American Flag waving

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