Missile Defense: Necessity Not Luxury

Posted: June 2, 2009 by April Watkins in Iran, Israel, Missile Defense, North Korea, Obama, White House
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Ah, the ecstasy of dreams…the bliss of ignorance. For Obama and his comrades, it must have been wonderful to live in a fantasy land where ideals trumped reality.  However, as he has now discovered, those lofty ideals of intellectually won peace were simply wishful thinking.  Reality is much more base.

Early last year in a campaign speech to the liberal activist group, Caucus4Prioties, Obama made declarations defining US Missilehow he will “end misguided defense policies.”  He promised to cut funding for what he deemed as “unproven” missile defense systems and vowed to “not weaponize space.”  Further, Obama stated that he would “slow our development of future combat systems,” and would “not develop nuclear weapons.”  Unfortunately, he and a majority of Congressional Democrats have made good on these promises by cutting military funding and canceling development of new missile defense systems.

With danger looming on several fronts, Obama is now faced with the gravity of his office and the hard truths that must be addressed and not simply debated.  Actions of power-hungry tyrants hoping to force the world’s respect have left the White House with egg on its face.  In defiant response of diplomatic efforts, North Korea has put America and the world on notice.

kjiOnce thought as a daft despot, North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, has, at last, gained the attention that he desperately craves.  While his launch of multiple missiles during the past week caused uproar around the world, his testing of an alleged “nuclear bomb” has sobered even the most liberal politicians.  North Korea’s aggressive actions, compounded with its history of arm sales to rouge regimes and terrorist groups, are a threat which the world must confront.  Analytical reports to the U.S. Army War College by its International Crisis Group, state that North Korea has become “the greatest supplier of missiles, missile components and related technologies in the developing world,” and has “sold missiles to Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen.”

Many military analysts advise that North Korea’s rapid progression of its nuclear weapons program and its ICBM delivery capability is due to Kim Jong Il’s deteriorating health and his eagerness to achieve a high status prior to his death or transfer of power.  This suggestion fits with the psychological profile of a tyrant seeking a place in world kji2history.

The ramification of North Korea’s pending success of developing a nuclear missile that could reach American shores is simply horrifying.  With unfunded missile defense systems, our military may be crippled to adequately defend our country.  Additionally, our allies, who have depended upon America’s military strength, could find themselves naked and vulnerable to attack.  It is reasonable to assume that, at this point, Israel would have no option but to strike first at Iran (a customer of North Korean weapon sales) in defense of their country; this would be the definitive onset of world war.

Obama’s naïveté to the world’s political instability and the nature of rouge regimes has been astonishing.  The test of America’s fortitude seems to be nearing.  Obama will soon have to show whether he is truly the leader of the free world, or a mere handmaiden of socialist puppet masters.  The outcome will determine the future of our way of life.  And that is…Why It Matters.


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