Apparently, Obama has confused his role of “President” with the role of “Emperor.”  In a move that would make Donald trumpTrump sit up and take notice, the Obama Administration has fired at least three (3) Inspectors General in the past week.  The final tally is yet to be known.

Our government system of checks and balances is supposed to work so that no one entity has complete hegemony.  The role of the Inspectors General is to “detect and prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and violations of law and to promote economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the operations of the Federal Government.”  Additionally, the IG acts as the purveyor of information to the American public from the “Council of the Inspectors General on the Integrity and Efficiency” (CIGIE), created by “The Inspector General Reform Act of 2008” which consolidated several smaller like entities into one agency.  In simple words, the Inspectors General are the watchdogs of government on behalf of the people.

The law regarding the Inspectors General requires the President to give Congress 30 days’ notice, plus the determining cause for termination of said IG.


IG Walpin

Much attention has been given to the firing of IG Gerald Walpin, who oversaw the operations of the AmeriCorps program.  Mr. Walpin is a 1955 graduate of Yale Law School, who has given his life to our country’s service, as have his children and grandchildren.

Rather than abide by the law, Obama & Company gave Mr. Walpin, NOT Congress, an hour’s notice (1 measly hour) to either resign or be fired. Congress was notified after the fact without the required cause for such termination.

So, you ask, “What was the hurry?”  “Was there imminent danger to our country that such action should be railroaded through with no regard for protocol or the LAW?”  The answer, dear reader, is NO.  There was no urgent matter.  There was, however, a grudge.  Mr. Walpin had stepped on the toes of Obama crony and Sacramento Kevin JohnsonMayor Kevin Johnson, who was being investigated along with his non-profit group, St. HOPE Academy for possible fraud and misuse of hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grants – specifically grants from the Corporation for National Community Service – the body which runs the AmeriCorps program – to which IG Walpin was assigned.

Sadly, this incident did not make waves until after Senator Clair McCaskill (D-MO) requested an explanation from the White House for this firing which was out of protocol.  Even later when a group of Republican

Rep. Issa

Rep. Issa

Sen. McCaskill

Sen. McCaskill

staffers led by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, met with White House counsel, they found themselves, well, brushed off.  According to a report by Byron York of The Examiner, a GOP aide stated, “When we pressed them on specific questions and documents, they said they weren’t prepared to give us information on that.”

Little did the Congress know that this was only the tip of the iceberg.

The Chicago Tribune reports that a similar incident occurred with Acting IG Judith Gwynne, who oversaw the

Sen. Grassley

Sen. Grassley

workings of the International Trade Commission.  Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA), the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, became “concerned about her independence because of a report earlier in the year that an agency employee forcibly took documents from the acting inspector general.”  In a letter to the White House, Grassley stated, “It is difficult to understand why the ITC would not have taken action to ensure that the ITC inspector general had the information necessary to do the job.”  The Tribune reports that “Less than three hours after the letter was e-mailed to the agency, the acting IG, Judith Gwynne, was told that her contract, which expires in early July, would not be renewed.”

The Los Angeles Times reports on yet, another incident with an IG stating, “The challenge to TARP watchdog IG Neil Barofsky’s authority came as he began an investigation of the

IG Neil Barofsky

IG Neil Barofsky

[Treasury] department’s role in approving bonuses to executives of insurance giant AIG, sources say.” Again Sen. Grassley expressed his concerns in a letter – this time to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner – and demanded further information about a “’dispute over certain Treasury documents’ that he said were being withheld from Barofsky’s office on a ‘specious claim of attorney-client privilege.’”  The Times continues stating that “A White House spokesman declined to comment, referring questions to the Treasury Department.  Treasury spokesman Andrew Williams said late Wednesday that the agency would read Grassley’s letter and respond to the senator before any public comment.”   Odd wouldn’t you say?

With Obama & Company running amok with hatchets for anyone who dares to investigate, contradict or challenge the Administration, one wonders who will be next?  And more sobering…where does it stop?  And that is…Why It Matters.


  1. Jared says:

    Thanks for the great post! I look forward to reading more from you!

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