BREAKING NEWS: Dems Rushing to Quickly Pass the Highest Tax in US History

Posted: June 26, 2009 by April Watkins in Additional Tax Legislation, Breaking News, Economy, Energy, Oil and Energy, Socialism / Marxism, Taxes, U.S. Congress, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, White House
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Disguised by its working title “The Climate Change Bill” (aka the Waxman-Markey bill), this piece of legislation is more about taxing American citizens than helping the environment.  In a purposeful attempt to rush this bill through the house and, hopefully, the Senate, Democrats hope to have all in place before the American people raise their heads from the summer vacations.  When we do, we will find that, while we thought we were only getting a tan, we were, in fact, getting screwed! 

The Wall Street Journal has an eye-opening article today that details parts of the bill and the politics surrounding it.  Here are some highlights:

Democrats off-loading economics to pass climate change bill. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has put cap-and-trade legislation on a forced march through the House, and the bill may get a full vote as early as Friday. It looks as if the Democrats will have to destroy the discipline of economics to get it done.

Despite House Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman’s many payoffs to Members, rural and Blue Dog Democrats remain wary of voting for a bill that will impose crushing costs on their home-district businesses and consumers. The leadership’s solution to this problem is to simply claim the bill defies the laws of economics.

[Click here for the full article.]

This is, yet another of the Obama Adminstration’s attempts to shove extreme taxation to pay for socialized programs.  Don’t let this pass by unnoticed.  Act now and call your Senators, Congressmen and women, even the White House (202-456-1414 Main Line or 202-456-2130 Public Liason Office) and tell them NO WAY WILL WE PAY!!!


  • In the scope of legislative manuveurs, this bill stands to cripple American business and industry more than any other tax imagined. 

  • It will hit the American citizens with higher rates on everything from energy to products as the tax increases and rationed commodities will cause higher costs to producers; thus these increases will be passed along to consumers.

  • Additionally, it will place the government in the position of allocating energy, in all its forms, to those businesses or industries to which it deems necessary (i.e. those it will allow to produce). 

  • This bodes ill for industries such as Coal and Oil, as Mr. Obama has chillingly stated he would see their demise.

  1. Wanda Usrey says:

    please do not pass this cap & trade or the so called health care bill . We have lost our FEEDOM in AMERICA WE ARE GOV> CONTROLED.

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