The Can-of-Worms May Have Been Opened

Posted: July 16, 2009 by April Watkins in Breaking News, Current Events, Military, Obama, White House
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A very serious event happened this week with little to no notice…

Last week, U.S. Army Reserve Major Stefan Frederick Cook refused to comply with orders sending him toSwearing In Afghanistan.  His reason was not that he wanted out of his duty, but that he could not be sent to war by a illegitimate President– meaning Obama was not eligible to have run for the Presidency due being born outside of the United States, a Constitutionally required condition.  

The Major’s arguments regarding this situation are very intriguing; ironic, especially in light of  the “prosecution for war crimes” itch of the Obama administration’s Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Controversy has been growing regarding the lack of a long-form signed birth certificate for Obama.  Neither the Obama’s campaign nor, now, the White House has produced a long-form signed certificate from his home state of Hawaii.  Instead, they provided a short form certificate – issued in June of 2007 – with no signatures, which critics say is easily obtained or created and does not provide legal proof. 

It is interesting that the Obama camp will not put this rumour to bed by simply providing the long-form HawaiianRobert Gibbscertificate.  This issue has spawn numerous legal actions.  If Obama was, indeed, born in the state of Hawaii and was a legitimate eligible candidate for the Presidency, one wonders why the White House repeatedly dismisses queries with “no comment” and will not produce a certificate that can be authenticated, thus closing the issue.  Additionally, by allowing legal actions to continue, Obama, himself, is clogging up the court system with unnecessary law suits wasting the government’s time and money. 


Today, Major Cook learned that his orders have been revoked. 

No questions, no problem, no arguments. 

Simply revoked, recalled. 

Odd, wouldn’t you say?  Only a few media outlets have carried this story. 

To get more info on the revocation, click here.


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