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Accountability is a concept that seems to have completely been lost in America. From our elected leaders to the everyday Janes and Joes, few are willing to take responsibility for their actions. Instead, we hear absurd reasoning and roundabout explanations as to how and why a situation of wrongdoing has occurred. The end result is always the same… “It’s not my fault!”, “How could I know?” “No one told me.” “It wasn’t illegal at the time.” Or, my favorite of the month… “That’s not the issue, the issue here is…”.It wasnt me

We are all to blame for this environment of helplessness. We accept the inane excuses, ignore the repetition of misconduct, or rationalize that there is nothing we can do. To maintain these tenets is to be an accomplice of the offense; it is condoning the actions; it is teaching our young that accountability is no longer a virtue.

The most obvious examples of such unaccountability and irresponsibility come from the very people whom have sworn to act in good faith to uphold our Constitution – our elected officials. We have placed our trust and safety in their hands, yet we do nothing to hold them accountable for irresponsible actions. We accept their wrongdoings as the norm and simply shake our heads.

Pointing PelosiCase in point – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has publicly accused the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of “lying to Congress” and claimed she was “never informed of the use of harsh interrogation techniques.” When confronted with proof that she had, indeed, been in meetings with CIA officials where interrogation techniques, among other topics were discussed, she stuck with her original claim that the CIA “routinely lies to Congress.”

Naturally, the politicos began to take sides. Surprisingly, some of Pelosi’s own party cut ranks, questioning this extreme accusation. CIA Chief Leon Panetta, a Democrat, vehemently defended his organization, calling Speaker Pelosi’s charges untrue. Former Vice President Dick Cheney took to the airways to state that Pelosi’s charges were bogus and that she had, indeed, been briefed. Because the information in question was classified, little could be proved from the back and forth allegations of who did what. The public’s opinion of Pelosi took a nose dive, especially after she fumbled through a press conference where she had the appearance of a trapped animal. The Democratic-powers-that-be knew something must be done to repair Pelosi’s credibility and position.

Like most secrets in Washington, DC, this classified information was sure to become public in time. A few weeks laterPanetta testifying during a regular briefing, CIA Director Panetta informed the House Committee on Intelligence, a classified committee to which Pelosi was no longer a member, that he had cancelled a dormant program that was conceived just after 9/11 as one of several options to prevent further terrorism but had never become operational. Committee members apparently FORGOT that they were bound by their classified status and spoke of this to others, especially Pelosi. Seeing an opportunity to right her wrong, the Speaker twisted this information to say that the CIA had lied to Congress by concealing information about a secret assassination program.

What she did NOT bother to say was that the “program” was actually a concept which had been nixed by every CIA Director -Tenet, Goss, Hayden and now, Panetta.  As an additional punch to her opponents, she and other Dems blamed former Vice President Dick Cheney as having “given the orders” not to disclose the program’s existence to Congress.

Here is my beef with this series of events:

The CIA was created to gather intelligence and act to protect our nation. It is, by definition, an agency of secrets.CIA logo In a perfect world of uncompromised trust in our elected officials and their subordinates, the American citizens should not have to know the workings of this or any other clandestine agency. Since our world is not perfect, it is imperative that those whom we place in positions of leadership and oversight must be persons of integrity and high moral character.

If Speaker Pelosi honestly thought that the CIA had “lied” to Congress, she should have dealt with this concern privately through the President, Panetta and other key members of Congress, not in public through intangible accusations. By addressing this in a public forum, she greatly diminished the credibility, thus the effectiveness, of the CIA and placed our nation in a position of weakness, especially to the tentative “allies” that we have gained in fighting al-Qaeda, and, of course, to our enemies. Pelosi should have understood the ramifications of her accusations – she is no novice. Her allegations and actions prove that she is either a complete idiot or playing a dangerous game of politics with our nation’s security as her ante.

Once the story was broken, the media did nothing to investigate to get to the truth. Instead, they reported on theReporters political wars between the pro and anti-Pelosi factions and pointed blame at the Bush Administration. The media wanted sensational headlines not facts. But did we the people care? Did we demand more information? No, we kept silent and continued to fund the media outlets through our purchases and patronage, proving that anything is okay as long as it is entertaining.

panetta distraut• When CIA Director Panetta disclosed the facts that the Congressional committee had, indeed, been briefed on interrogation tactics, that should have ended the controversy. The President should have stood by his man and helped Panetta to close the issue. However, Obama was nowhere to be seen during this debacle, leaving his own Director to swing in the wind. This non-action of the President proves that appointees, agents, operatives, and others cannot count on the support of their Commander-In-Chief, and leaves them questioning whether or not to follow certain orders for fear of being a scapegoat as politics turn.

In learning that members of the committee had leaked classified information, action should have been taken fromCapitol dome the Congress, the White House, the media, and the public. Questions should have been asked, accountability should have been sought, possible charges of treason should have been considered. Had this event happened within our military ranks, you could guarantee a court martial. Instead, everyone just stood back and watched the circus; our enemies laughed and reaffirmed that both infiltration and inside information could be easily achieved.

• Having seen the course of this ridiculous series of events, I would not find it hard to believe that orders were given to keep a lid on certain operations. It is more than obvious that America cannot trust its partisan leaders to keep confidences. Whether or not Cheney gave such an order, I do not know. However, had I been in his place and just witnessed an attack on our country where thousands of Americans had died, I would have insisted on a closed circle of secrecy for any operation.

• Maybe one of the most dangerous consequences of this insanity is that it was a side show. While the masses were focusedbackroom deals on the sensationalism of the stories, backroom deals were being made. Deals about more government control over the people; deals incurring more national debt. What deals you ask? Some of you might have noticed that both houses of Congress passed preliminary bills on health care reform that will have devastating effects on your ability to obtain quality insurance and timely medical care.  This turned out to be another bait-and-switch of the Obama Administration.

plugging earsFinally, I have a beef is with the American public. Where are you? Do you not see what is happening and how we are being herded into whichever corral this bunch of Socialists direct? Will you be satisfied when you are left with no choices, rights, or thoughts of your own? Make no mistake my fellow Americans; it will be up to us, the people, to make any change in the direction our country is taking. Will we be forced to stand and bear arms to say “NO MORE!”?

Our politicians, both Democratic and Republican, prove daily that their sole aim is to be in politics, saving their own jobs. Neither party has produced a single person who is brave enough – brave enough to their own detriment – to stand up for the people and say THIS IS WRONG. THIS IS SOCIALISM.

So I ask…Do YOU care?   And that is…Why It Matters.

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