Hubble’s Peek at the Glory of God

Posted: September 10, 2009 by April Watkins in NASA
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As important as the political events happening this week in Washington, DC, I thought we should all take a moment to stop, take a breath, and put things in perspective.  Below are new photos from the refurbished Hubble Telescope.  Take a moment to look at the universe through the eyes of God. 

Kudos to all of you at the many NASA facilities that make images like these possible.  Thank you for your continued dedication to the space program and science yet to be discovered. 

The Butterfly explosion

The Butterfly explosion

Omega Centauri

Omega Centauri


This post is dedicated to
My Uncle

Capt. Carl O’Cain, USAF (RET)

Apollo Missions


And is in memory of
My Cousin

Sean B. O’Cain

Consultant, Space Shuttle Missions


Stephan's Quintet
Stephan’s Quintet

They taught us to seek the beauty
in the science of God’s handiwork.



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  1. Martin Ljubic says:

    Hubble’s Peek at the Glory of God

    Since you felt compelled to attribute the logic and clarity of science
    to God- the science which brings the universe down to man’s perspective and control. I say “wake up”. Religion has fought every scientific discovery and invention in that long period of human history known as the DARK AGES. And now you wish to ascribe those very things that SCIENCE has made possible to the glory of GOD- after spending four centuries trying to keep men’s minds and eyse shut. That period when reason was banished from men’s lives. When the word of the church was absolute. Are the DARK AGES just two words without a context … for you ?????

    For your information, Hubble was CREATED by men of science. not men praying and fasting and praying some more but men applying logic and reason to reality. To the extend that they applied the LATTER is what made Hubble possible.

    You wish to expropriate science to God. This flys in the face of ‘God’ asking you to hold faith as your highest virtue. You can’t be that stupid !!!! It’s either OR. Give up science and hold onto your God or give up your notion of God and hold reason absolute.

    When you seek proof of God and God’s work NOW what does that say about your FAITH ???????????? …….. Hubble is YOUR PROOF OF THE GLORY OF GOD. Are you getting it yet. Open your eyes and see Hubble or close your eyes; think of God and smile happy thoughts. Open your eyss and see Hubble, close your eyes and see God. Open your eyes and see Hubble.
    God is seen with closed eyes. If ‘God’ wanted you to see him with open eyes do you think HE WOULD HAVE REVEALED HIMSELF BY NOW. And if its all too much for a human to see ‘God’ with open eye THEN IT MEANS THIS IS SOMETHING THAT ‘GOD’ IS NOT ABLE TO DO … reveal himself to us without killing us …. he CAN’T DO EVERYTHING!!!

    What can I say about Jesus … he’s been dead for 2000 years. RIP.

    • You poor, sad, loney man. It is you, my friend, who “doesn’t get it.” Man creates because God gave life to man, as well as the universe. God is defined differently by various people and that is not of concern to me, save two exceptions…the “god” of the Islamists that condones intolerance, and the denial of God by those like you who are troubled.

      You say “God is seen with closed eyes” and I agree that God helps us to workout things in our dreams or by exploring our subconscience. However, you failed to note that God is also seen with Open eyes. God, my God – who is too big to contain in human thought and concepts, too complex for the minds of man – is seen everywhere and in everything…including you. The loveliness of a simple little bloom, the energy in wind or sea, the magnifigance of the structure of the eye, the awesome buildings of humans throughout time, the unknown potential of the human brain, or the innumberable worlds beyond our sight are ALL a glimpse of God.

      I will say a prayer for you that sometime, you will be able to see through your anger and begin to see the world around you and how precious and magnificent it truly is.

  2. Jim says:

    This argument is hilarious.
    Fight, fight, fight!
    These photos are the opposite of religion, they are evidence!
    These photos are so elegant because they do not show God at all, they show matter; swirling and beautiful gases.
    This is not the glory of God, this is the glory of Space and what surrounds our planets.
    That view of these photos is dying fast, and is being replaced with young, smart, unbiased kids that look at these photos and do not see God.
    They see that the earth is 4 billion years old, not 10 thousands as the bible says.
    That the earth is round and does not have “four corners” like the bible says.
    They see that earth is one of trillions of uncountable planets in our universe and that your ideas were written 2,000 years ago by men who thought that the earth was flat.

    These photos are fantastic and thanks for putting them up,

    P.S. There are some beautiful hubble stills in Stephen Hawking’s new illustrated book, along with a much better and provable theory of how and when we came about.

    • What can I say Jim, except that you seem to be another man angry at the world. Why? I don’t know…nor do I care. What I do know is that your world is a bleak place and when it’s over you’re done. My world is filled with visions of the glory of God, our maker, the great energy, or what other names and descriptions He is given. I can tell by your naive and uneducated verbiage that you don’t understand the context, content or purpose of the Bible. Clue in here Jimmy, chat with someone who can provide some useful insight on God, the Bible and the Christian religion before you slap it down in my face. For now, I will choose to assume you are simply ignorant. Oh, and yes…I will pray for you.

  3. Geri A. Mellgren-Kerwin says:

    Science cannot prove or disprove the existence of God because science belongs to the physical sphere and God to the metaphysical sphere. Two different worlds.
    Science DOES offer considerable evidence that the earth (or is it the Universe) cannot possibly be only 6,000 years old and it is pretty hard to believe earth is the most important part of the Universe when you realize that our little planet isn’t even in the center of our own galaxy, the Milky Way. We are over on one of the arms of the spiral. When we look up at the night sky at the band of stars, we are looking at the edge of the Milky Way from our outpost outside the main body of the galaxy! If we are not even the center of the galaxy, we aren’t the center of the universe either.
    I think human beings are a species unique to earth and probably don’t exist on other inhabited planets which have their own beings that are not at all like us.

    • You have some interesting points. I watched an episode of a series about the universe which was amazing. In seeing the views taken of deep space and its events, such as a supernova explosion leaving various types of corpses, it stunned me to see the same designs in space as we have in our bodies; ie. our blood vessels, neural networks, muscle groups, etc. I have never thought that God and science cannot co-exist. With the more our scientists learn, the more convinced I am that there are deeper meanings in all things. For instance, the Bible says that God made man in his image. We have always considered that to mean the external figure of a man or woman. However, what if that statement had an additional meaning that God created the human body in the same way that He created space and that each of us is a mini-universe ourselves? From watching the program, I learned that “from dust to dust” actually might mean “from stardust to stardust” as we are composed by the elements thrown off an exploding star. The wonder of the mystery is simply divine!

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