Genius or Madness?

Posted: September 22, 2009 by April Watkins in Czars, Obama, Socialism / Marxism, White House
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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein


It is said that there is a fine line between genius and madness.  It is also said that to truly be creative is to think in unorthodox ways.  We have seen such unusual mannerisms and strange concepts throughout history through the great minds of geniuses such as Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Aristotle, Plato, Mozart, and Leonardo da Vinci.


Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte

However, in witnessing the exquisite, we must also recognize its opposite – the dark side of genius, the madness or insanity.  These people live on the edge of reality until they topple toward the abyss that is their own private hell.  Serial murderers such as Jeffrey Dahmer, artists such as Van Gogh or Pollack, and political tyrants such as Napoleon, Lenin or Pinochet, all possessed that unique gene that goes too far into the dark side of their mind. 

In researching the backgrounds of the czars chosen by President Obama, one can see signs of genius and madness.  All of the chosen are highly educated, radical thinkers, and overachievers.  For certain jobs, this type of personality would be preferred in order to gain insight into alternative thoughts and methods.  Unfortunately, personalities such as these that are placed in positions of authority to develop new policies and enforce the public’s adherence to such policies, and are not encumbered by any oversight from other branches of government become dangerous threats to our Constitutional Republic. 

Let us look at a couple of the more controversial czars of the Obama Administration. 


John Holdren

John Holdren

JOHN HOLDREN – Known as the “Science Czar,” Holdren is the new head of all things scientific and technological.  His academic background includes aeronautics, astronautics and plasma physics.  Holdren earned a bachelor’s degree from MIT in 1965 and a PhD from Stanford University in 1970.  He has spent his career as a professor and thinker focusing his work on global environmental change and its causes and consequences, various energy technologies and viable policies for efficient energy, science and technology policies for a global system, and reducing danger from nuclear weapons and materials. 

 Holdren’s controversial aspect is in his approach at achieving desired goals of positive environmental change, viable energy, etc.  Beginning in 1969, Holdren and colleague Paul Ehrlich discussed in a published article the need for population control as a guard against eco-disaster.  This line of thought has been perpetuated over the past three decades through his articles, books, and speeches that advocate various ways to combat overpopulation.  Holdren’s solutions range from voluntary to forced population controls which include forced abortions, forced sterilization after a designated number of children, and mandatory sterilization of “undesirables” in society. 

While Holdren’s theories may bear truth in their effectiveness, they are completely void of morality and human compassion.  What might he do with the new science developments in cloning, for instance?   On March 19, 2009, he was confirmed by the Senate as the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.  One wonders just how much the Senate really knew about the new “Science Czar” and his views – or if they even bothered to check. 


Carol Browner

Carol Browner

CAROL BROWNER – With the moniker of “Energy and Environment Czar,” one might assume that Browner’s role is to oversee the preservation and conservation of our natural resources; to monitor the filth that is belched from non-compliant factories; to regulate our water sources; or to find new ways to tap our domestic energy sources.  But, alas, that is only a small mechanism in the complex job for Carol Browner. 

Browner is a well known socialist who has served on the boards of many organizations that promote a socialist one-world order.  One such organization is the Commission for a Sustainable World Society (CSWS), a task force of the Socialist International.

S I website

S I website

According to The American Spectator, this organization is composed of influential officials from throughout the international community; their official Statement of Principles outlines an agenda of “gaining and exercising government power based on socialist concepts.” 

One of Browner’s objectives is to reach across borders to affect positive environmental change:  which in layman’s terms means to impose various extra costs or taxes to achieve an (illusory) environmental utopia.  This theory also applies to new arts and sciences where a copyright or patent would be forfeited on behalf of the good for all people.  The folly in accepting a concept as fanciful as achieving a global utopia seems contradictive to the senses of the highly educated; thus it puts a question mark on Ms. Browner’s sanity. 

A bureaucrat from the Clinton era, Browner has experience with environmental issues through her previous position as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from 1993-2000.  Controversy has surrounded her tenure with the EPA since the start.  During her first term as EPA head, Browner was slapped by a Congressional subcommittee for misusing taxpayer funds to support grassroots environmental lobbying groups.  Then in her final days at the Agency, she ordered the computer files deleted, cleaned and reformatted (along with the backup tapes) in a direct violation of a federal judicial order requiring the EPA to preserve all of its records. 

While the EPA was held in contempt of court and several lower level employees were charged, Browner slid out of the noose.  Given her affiliations and past performance, Carol Browner does not appear to be inclined to promote the principles of our American Republic.  Nor has she respected the integrity of the American people to whom she has sworn to serve. 

Both Holdren and Browner demonstrate deep convictions about their view of the world and how it should be ordered.  Unfortunately, their opinions are in direct conflict with the structure of our Constitutional Republic – as well as with a large majority of Americans.  The scenario we face under the Obama Administration with its socialist czars is neither a Republican nor Democrat problem, it is an American problem; and one we must confront together.  And that is…Why It Matters.


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