Outrageous Partisanship

Posted: October 1, 2009 by April Watkins in Current Issues, Health Care Reform, Our Government, U.S. Senate
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This week I had planned to issue another profile piece on a few more of Obama’s czars.  However, the Senate’s action of late last week was so stunning that I must bring it to your attention.  


In the continuing debates on health care reform, Senate Democrats have redefined the term “partisan.” 

The Senate Finance Committee has been examining, editing and offering changes (otherwise known as “marking-up”) to the 233 page health care reform “legislation” proposed by Senator Max Baucus (D-MT), the committee’s chairman.

Sen. Max Baucus

Sen. Max Baucus

Note that this “legislation” is only a structural framework or an outline of a bill, with no specifics, no details, no cost analysis, etc. – basically a general concept from which a bill will be written. It contains numerous and laborious references to other active laws that would require hours upon days to decipher. Because it is not a fully detailed bill with clear explanations of its intent, anyone would find it very difficult, if not impossible, to determine exactly what one is voting on. 

Sen. Jim Bunning

Sen. Jim Bunning

In an effort to halt the rush to a vote, Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) proposed an amendment that would require the full bill with its actual legislative language to be posted and a 72 hour (3 days) hold put on a final vote to give the Senate, as well as the public, time to READ IT. 

This amendment was summarily defeated straight down the party lines with every Democratic Senator – except Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) [thank you Sen. Lincoln!]voting against it. 

Let me say this another way – the Democratic Senators refused to give the Republicans, as well as their own party members, ANY time to read the text of this enormous outline before they are asked to vote on the most expensive program our nation has ever seen. 

I don’t know about you, but this really angers me on several levels.  Who do these people think they are?  I don’t care if you are Democrat, Republican, Independent or Martian – all Senators work on behalf of the PEOPLE.  To ram any law down the necks of the American people is outright treasonous.  Do our Senators think we are idiots?  That we don’t pay attention to these dastardly tricks?  Do they think we don’t care?  I am insulted to be treated in this fashion, as I hope you are. 

My anger in this debacle does not lie on party lines, however.  While I am a conservative, I do not blindly agree with all that Republicans do and say.  I am incensed that the Republicans apparently have no guts to draw a line in the sand. 

Where is the fight?

No guts republicans

Where is the fervor from the Republican camp? 

It might behoove them to take a page from the Texas Assembly’s book and simply walk out on strike.  Why bother with the tit-for-tat per sentence?  Take a stand and say, “ENOUGH!” Refuse to play the sordid game! 

Yes, I realize that the Republicans have made numerous proposals, amendments, and ideas – all of which have been quashed without debate, simply because they were issued from Republicans.  But, this action by Chairman Baucus’s committee cronies calls for severe reaction, not diplomatic niceties. 

Baucus explains vote

Baucus explains vote

And for those of you who are liberal or Blue-Dog Democrats, speak up!  Surely you cannot condone this action?  This is not a “party” issue – this is a control issue that reeks of tyranny…tyranny against us, the people. 

The saddest part of this entire scene is that, while many Americans may be outraged, they will most likely do nothing. No calls, faxes or email to their Senators, to Sen. Baucus, to anyone. They will shrug and go on with their lives.  And we will all wake one morning to find ourselves in a very foreign looking country.

This government is, literally, out of control – and it is our fault for not stopping thisAmericans cheering insanity.  This is your country…NOT their “country club.” Make your voice heard!  If you ever considered yourself a true red-white-and-blue Patriot, a real down-home, God-loving American, NOW is the time to stand up and do something.  And that is…Why It Matters.



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