Health Care Reform – Cure or Curse?

Posted: October 8, 2009 by April Watkins in Breaking News, Health, Health Care Reform, Health Insurance
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Debates continue in both houses of Congress on the many versions of a bill addressing health care reform.   The legislation outline brought forth by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) seems to have the most bi-partisan approval as the best of what’s available.   That’s not a comforting thought to many Blue-Dog Democrats, as well as Republicans, who face growing anger at home over the details of health care reform.  And details seem to be the problem with Baucus’s outline as it is simply just that…an outline of things “to be addressed” with limited or no actual details of many components, including how to fund such a huge entitlement program. 

There are many portions of this particular bill-to-be that are blatantly unfair to the American people.  The most outrageous is the place-holder provision for some parts of the bill that does not detail the terms, but instead leaves an open option where the details can be determined and placed into the (already enacted and empty) law at a later date.  What?  Who came up with this legal / parliamentary idiotic idea?  I can think of no situation where this would be beneficial.  On the contrary, I can imagine a multitude of examples where this would lead to disaster.  But, I digress…

Government Shakedown

Government Shakedown

After being hounded for numbers, the Congressional Budget Office issued a preliminary report last week stating that the proposed Baucus legislation outline would decrease the Federal deficit over 10 years.  This cursory calculation is based on the following revenue producing or costs deference, such as:

  • Demanding every American citizen purchase health insurance or enroll for Medicaid.
  • Businesses would be required to carry health benefits for employees or face fines.  
  • Noncompliance for individual purchases would be fined.   
  • Increased Medicaid costs from the surge of new enrolment would be shifted to the States. 
  • Insurance benefits would be taxed as additional income.  
  • Medical and prosthetic devices would be taxed. 
  • Etc., etc. 

However, the CBO notes that their estimate is based on very limited information gathered from the Baucus outline because specific information about the plan’s components is not available.  Depending upon those details, the CBO expects their initial estimate to change dramatically. 

Dems over gop
As for Republican counter-proposals…well, there are some, but they are irrelevant since the Democrats outnumber the Republicans. 

gop death
Additionally, Republicans seem to lack the fortitude to fight for their position.  Where is leadership in the GOP?  Where is the courage of the Reagan legacy?

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has her way, the House version of a health care reform bill will cover all American citizens AND all illegal aliens.  The concept of Climbing the fencethis idea is, that if the illegals are already here, it would be more cost efficient to insure them.  Ok, I can see that aspect.  However, the merit of that idea is overshadowed by the inevitable side effect of rampant illegal migration into the United States to take advantage of this policy.  Of course, that will not be mentioned nor calculated into any cost analyses of the House proposals by the bill sponsors.   Let’s hope the CBO does some forward thinking. 

It is important to note that many hospitals, doctors, and clinics all across the country face growing numbers of uninsured patients that are unable to pay for services rendered:  a vast number of these patients are illegal aliens. 

As God-fearing people, none of us would want to turn away someone who is injured or sick.  That is not what Americans do.  Americans help.  Americans care. But, Americans must be able to care for their own before extending the medical carte-blanche to the world.  We must first focus on fixing our medical care and benefits for our elderly, our veterans, our poor, and our uninsured.

And that raises the issue of Medicare/Medicaid.  In addition to the insurance portion of the proposed bills, the projected changes (i.e. cuts, adjustments, etc.) to Medicaid and Medicare are, quite frankly, scary.  medicare formProposals to cut services and scale back payment schedules to doctors and hospitals will mean higher premiums, deductibles and co-payments for folks on Medicare and Medicaid. Patients, as well as the medical providers, will be drastically affected by such cuts. In such a weak economy where jobs are scarce, retirement funds have lost billions, and social security benefits will not even cover basic needs, this is cruel.  It really angers me that Washington thinks it can solve funding problems by simply passing on the financial burden to a beleaguered public. 

A lot of talk has bantered about by Democrats claiming huge million-dollar savings from addressing fraud and waste in the Medicare/Medicaid system, which will Police on raidsupposedly offset any additional costs generated by the new bill.  However, insiders from both of these federal programs claim that it is impossible to catch all of the fraud – certainly not enough to make huge savings.  If it were possible, they claim, it would be operational now.  Law enforcement agencies are constantly on the look-out for such fraudulent activities, but are only able to reel-in relatively few cases. 

Sen. Harry Reid

Sen. Harry Reid

However, none of the Medicare/Medicaid debacle will matter to Sen. Harry Reid and the citizens of Nevada; because he has very adeptly inserted a clause into the Baucus legislation that excludes his state and a few others from shouldering ANY of the financial burdens of their state’s portion of increased costs for Medicaid and Medicare for several years.  Convenient, isn’t it?  Not only will WE be stuck with paying the bills for illegal aliens, previously uninsured citizens and our own families, NOW we will be forced to pay for costs incurred by the citizens of Nevada, Michigan, Oregon and Rhode IslandThis is outrageous!  And that is…Why It Matters.

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