Posted: October 28, 2009 by April Watkins in al Qaeda, Breaking News, Taliban, Terrorism
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Peshwar bombingDetails are just coming in from correspondents in Pakistan, where a huge car bomb has exploded in a Peshawar market killing nearly 100 people and injuring 200 more. Many others are trapped beneath fallen buildings.

While no claim of responsibility for the bombing has been forthcoming, Pakistani government officials are pointing blame toward Taliban and al Qaeda militants set on avenging the latest round of Pakistani army attacks on Taliban and al Qaeda strongholds.

This latest Peshawar bombing, the worst of 3 in the past month, occurs during the first official visit by U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The mere audacity to attempt such a large-scale attack during a high-level U.S. visit illustrates the sharp decline in the region’s respect for and confidence in the United States.

Clinton, who was about three hours away in Islamabad during the incident, spoke with reporters to assure the Pakistanis of Washington’s “full support.”

“I want you to know that this fight is not Pakistan’s alone,” states Clinton. “So this is our struggle as well and we commend the Pakistani military for their courageous fight and we commit to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Pakistani people in your fight for peace and security.”

Given the lack of expediency by the White House in implementing any military decisions, Clinton’s words will, no doubt, fall short of solid assurance for both the Pakistani government and the Pakistani people.

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