Survival and Tyranny

Posted: November 3, 2009 by April Watkins in Government Intrusion, Public indifference, Socialism / Marxism
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It is said that in crisis, you meet your true self; and I suppose that is true – to an extent.   Most of us would consider this statement to mean “standing up for what is right,” “seeking justice,” or “separating the men from the boys” so to speak.  However, convictions have little to do with our basic instinct – to simply survive, first and foremost.  When faced with personal survival at stake, or that of one’s family, almost everyone would put aside their convictions, beliefs, and ideals in order to protect their safety or save them from starvation. 

No? Perhaps you feel that you are “too strong in principle” or have “much deeper beliefs.”  Allow me challenge you to answer this question:  If you were threatened with an ultimatum – say, to steal something from a neighbor or your child’s life would be taken, what would you do? 

I know what I would do – the same thing as most of you, I would save the child by forgoing my conviction that stealing is wrong, by disobeying one of God’s Commandments – “Thou shall not steal.”

People in crisis do desperate things in order to survive.  This simple statement is the basic concept from which power is derived.  When people are placed in lethal situations, they are forced, by lack of option, to do the bidding of another.  Tyranny is the art of creating crises that force people to behave in certain ways. 

Political coups, revolutions, and civil wars have all been used to throw a public into chaos, to disrupt the routine of the people.  This sets the stage for a new leader to charge in and quell the turmoil, therefore saving the country and its people. 

History is rife with examples of the “hero-turned-dictator” – Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Chavez.  With promises of peace, a better lifestyle, aid for the poor, and a general equilibrium in the society, these leaders all gained the necessary initial support of their people.  Once ensconced in power, these “saviors” were able to control every aspect of life for their citizens: supplies of food, energy and other resources; access to jobs and money; restrictions on movement, housing, transportation; and education of children. 

When access to basic necessities is limited or denied, people will either revolt at risk of death, or comply with the new rules, even if those rules compromise their beliefs.  Compliance is easier and much safer, and tyrants use this fear dynamic to subdue their people. 

To most Americans, the image of tyranny that first comes to mind is that of an evil totalitarian regime, a dictator, a despot. Yet, tyranny has other forms besides brute force.  Tyranny can come cloaked in the guise of benevolence…and that may be its most dangerous form. 

The Progressive / Democrat Socialist movement functions on the premise of control for the “good” of the people – benevolence being their calling card.  Their ideologies favor economic egalitarianism (a government managed economy where everyone’s stake and return is equitable) and liberal social policies (government provided services for all). 

At first glance, some of the ideas may sound positive, such as “health care for all,” but further examination reveals limits and restrictions on the individual for the sake of what is best for society as a whole [i.e. setting age limits on access to particular medical treatments, such as denying chemotherapy for cancer victims over 70 because society would receive little to no “return on investment” from these citizens.] 

By dictating the systems by which the people live and controlling the economic vehicles by which the country operates, a Socialist government withholds the freedom of the individual to make personal choices that are self-beneficial.  Rather than an individual being the tyrant, the entity of the government becomes the tyrant.

This is now the future that Americans face.  We must recognize the tyrant before it takes control of our basic needs; or we will be forced to comply with its oppression in order to simply survive.  And that is…Why It Matters.



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