To date, we have seen both houses of Congress put forth health care reform bills that are nothing more than a license to steal.  The latest travesty occurred this past Saturday evening when the Senate voted to continue discussions on the Democrats’ (no bipartisan input allowed) proposed health care bill. 

The pièce de résistance of this Senate proposal was not the bill per se, but the bribes that were included to obtain key votes and secure reelections. 

The critical votes for Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, were those from conservative Democrats who are facing backlash over ultra-liberal policies from the extreme Left of the party.  One very important vote was that of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, a conservative Democrat who has been somewhat critical of extreme liberal policies in the past.  Recently, Landrieu had voiced her “grave concerns” about the cost of the health care bill. 

Luckily, Harry Reid had the right “medicine” to alleviate Landrieu’s concerns which was a clause for Medicaid subsidies directed at Louisiana in the range of $100-300 million.  {Talk about a Santa-clause, wow!} The Wall Street Journal stated, “Majority Leader Harry Reid added language on page 432 of the 2,074-page opus that would raise the [health care bill’s] cost by increasing federal Medicaid subsidies for ‘certain states recovering from a major disaster.’  Guess which state is the only one that would qualify under that wording?”  {I’m guessing, uh…Louisiana?}

Also, let me refresh your memory that Reid has already placed waivers for five states, including his own Nevada, which exempt them from paying the expanded costs generated from the health care reform bill.  {No worries though, the rest of us get to pick up their tab!}

In examining the details, one is sure to find the devil in both versions of health care reform bills in Congress. 

 While extolling the proposed “benefits” of a revamped health care system, our politicians are concealing the hard hitting facts of how the American citizen will truly be affected. 

From the proposed bills in the House and Senate, we already KNOW some consequences, such as:  higher taxes on personal and business incomes; decreases in or complete loss of coverage; probable loss of some jobs due to additional tax burdens on small businesses; fines and penalties for both individuals and companies not in compliance with new regulations; taxes on benefits such as “Cadillac health care plans” (otherwise known as full coverage insurance plans); and rationing of care, medication and critical procedures. 

It is also very important to note that the “savings” and “reduction of budget deficit” figures hyped by Democratic leaders are completely false.  Not inaccurate, FALSE.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analyzes every proposed bill to estimate its cost and the impact it will have on the Federal budget.  However, the CBO must use the facts given to them along with the assumptions made in the bill to generate a figure.  For instance, if a bill states that Medicare will be cut by 40% by trimming costs and uncovering waste and fraud, the CBO must use that 40% figure and cannot exercise past experience, probability or feasibility into its calculations. 

Apparently, the devil’s agenda is a rather complicated, yet effective, scam.  Don’t kid yourselves…the end goal of health care reform is NOT to revise and better our health care access.  If so, several of the GOP offered ideas could have been implemented immediately, such as banning pre-existing conditions and allowing for interstate health insurance commerce, thus making coverage truly portable and more price-competitive.  The alarming truth is that the end goal is much more sinister. 

The end goal is to create a one-payer system for health care – meaning complete government-run health care – so that all citizens are dependent upon the government for a basic (sometimes critical) life need.  This is one step in a series of actions designed to centralize and redirect control of every facet of our lives to the government…hello Big Brother!  If you haven’t been keeping score of the shenanigans going on in Washington, D.C., you might think this was lunacy…crazy talk…impossible.  Sadly, it is not…it is now our reality.

The various roads that lead to the end goal are merely avenues for political plundering.  Grab a buck here, grab a vote there.  It appears that momentary gains are the focus of most of our leadership, rather than fostering positive growth with better and more efficient systems.  Whether our politicians are evil, greedy and lining their own pockets, completely clueless, or just plain naïve, it is hard to tell.  Few elected officials in D.C. seem to have the integrity to stand up against the nonsense and call a spade a spade.  However, not Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) whose “You lie!” outburst during the President’s address to a joint meeting of Congress has turned out to be spot on. 

The lies and “chosen truths” with which we are being bombarded from Congress and the White House will eventually show their true colors.  One of the most sobering comments on the health care issue is that all of this fuss will initiate years of taxes and higher costs before we see any actual change in the system.  Then, after all is said and done, the plundering of taxpayers’ money will only fund five years of health care. 

Yes, 5 YEARS only!

What happens after that?  Where will this leave us?  No one knows.  And that is…Why It Matters.

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