The Looters Are Coming!!

Posted: December 17, 2009 by April Watkins in Anti-Americanism, Climate Hoax, Founding Fathers, Oil and Energy, Socialism / Marxism
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The modern day Paul Revere will be heard shouting,

“The Looters are coming!  The Looters are coming!”

Paul Revere's Ride


The climate kooks in Copenhagen are proving that life can imitate art as they adeptly play out the role of the “looters” from Ayn Rand’s classic, Atlas Shrugged. 

A chilling reality to those of us who are paying attention.  (Watch for John Stossel’s special on Atlas Shrugged, a Fox Business Network special report.) 

DrudgeReport alerts us to Andrew Bolt’s commentary on the response by the climate-kooks to the address given by Hugo Chavez: 

Climate summit erupts in ‘deafening applause’ for Hugo Chavez… 


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