Murtha Dead at 77

Posted: February 9, 2010 by April Watkins in Condolences, Democrats, U.S. House of Representatives
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Rep. John Murtha, (D-PA) a former Marine, has died today from complications after gall bladder surgery.  He was 77.

I realize that it is appropriate to keep quiet, to be “respectful” during the mourning period of the recently dead.  No criticisms, no jabs, etc.  However, if one chooses to live a rather questionable life, then one should expect memories of himself to reflect that lifestyle.

From my perspective, I am glad that Murtha has passed.  Murtha was a man who had lost his moral compass and was, in fact, doing more harm than good in his position as a United States Congressman.

While there will be those who miss his presence, there will also be those who miss his exorbitant earmarks for Pennsylvania.  If one is judged by what you can do for your neighbors, then possibly, Murtha is to be praised for his mastery of delivering the pork.  His penchant for disproportionately allocating Federal funds to his home state put Murtha in the midst of scandal after scandal – but the money kept flowing in to Pennsylvania.  His back-door dealings kept the money rolling into the pockets of friends, partners and campaign contributors.  These deals led to several investigations by ethics committees in Washington, D.C.  

Lastly, he proved the weight of his clout and the moral fiber of his character by managing to be the only person NOT charged with a criminal offense following a long FBI investigation into a widespread Congressional bribery scandal.  In his deal-making way, Murtha was named as an unindicted co-conspirator and testified against his colleagues.  Six congressmen and one senator were convicted in that case.

The final straw for redemption in the mind of this columnist came with Murtha’s outrageous accusations of malfeasance and, even murder, against our military personnel.  In 2006, he accused fellow Marines – brothers in arms – of “murdering Iraqi civilians in cold blood” at Haditha.  Murtha’s bald statements came long before any conclusive summary or findings of the investigation of the incident.  The investigation found that the Marines in question were defending themselves and NO MURDER OF INNOCENTS had been perpetrated.  Typical of Murtha’s self-serving attitude, no apology was rendered to his fellow Marines.

This was not a man I’d trust to have my back in combat. Murtha exhibited no honor worthy of his Marine commission during his years in Congress.

Instead, I would put forth an argument that he was either treasonous or slipping into a medically induced mental state (Alzheimer’s perhaps? or brain malfunction?) that caused his thoughts and words to become venomous and rife with treason.

Let us hope that in death, John Murtha will finally see the error of his ways and will be able to rest in peace.  For the families of the Marines he slandered, the families of the people he took down to save himself, little can be said except that now God will judge him.

  1. Bob Wood says:

    Greg gave me your card along with some very high recommendations so I read your colum when I got home. I enjoyed it. I’m going to share it with my dad I think he’ll like it too.

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