Americans to Give Congress a Direct Order

Posted: February 23, 2010 by April Watkins in Contract From America, Current Events, Founding Fathers, Our Government, Patriotism, Patriots, Tea Party Movement
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The Tea Party meetings across the country have provided a forum for the People to express their concerns and ideas regarding the governance of our country.  While there have been many debated issues and offers of varying opinions, several issues have emerged as consistent concerns from all corners of our nation. 

A selected group of leaders from these various meeting groups, call the Tea Party Patriots, have developed a list of these issues to be examined by the American People.  The goal is for the People to vote for ten concerns that are most important to them.  Those ten points will be drafted into a document to be presented to Congress.  The document is called “Contract From America.” 

Check out the Contract From America website and make your voice heard by voting for the top ten concerns that you feel should be addressed by our Congress.  [Click Here to vote.]

The Tea Party movement is the most important action of the average American citizenry since the American Revolution.  It is vital that we all participate in this nonpartisan movement to take back control of our government and our country.



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