Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

Posted: June 25, 2010 by April Watkins in Breaking News, Military, Obama, Patriots, U.S. Army, White House
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So, Obama fires his BEST in-theatre General…now what? Petreaus, the pseudo-political guy who has tried to keep the government out of war planning, has been – in essence – demoted in order to do the job.  What a sign of gratefulness, uh?

This debacle makes no sense from a military standpoint, nor, frankly, from a diplomatic standpoint. How will our oldest allies and, moreover, our “new friends” the Afghanis and Pakistanis, be able to depend on the USA to keep any promise?

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, US Army

More, much more is behind the scenes, my friends.  A seasoned, 4th generation General does not “accidentally” let something slip to a reporter. My estimation is that this was done purposely to awaken the American people to the Afghan situation, which the Obama Administration has pushed under the rug.

Has anyone even mentioned the fact that, in the oath taken by our military men and women, they FIRST pledge to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, then only lastly to obey the President and orders from officers above them. McChrystal did NOT disobey; he and his staff said some unflattering remarks – sure – who doesn’t at times, but honestly…grow up Obama!  Military men are not known for their slick tongues, as are politicians.  They are war fighters, killers, tough, strong and loyal to their country. 

Hey Obie, are you that afraid of being discovered a complete fraud, a master at the Peter Principle that you simply do away with anything or anyone who is not 100% pro-YOU?  Beginning to sound a bit scary…a bit too much like KGB tactics.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal may be the most patriotic and loyal guy to our country out there for defending our Constitution and our Republic, which he sees falling apart under Obama and his Marxist minions.  

Now out of the fray of the Afghan abyss, McChrystal can set his sights on helping to pull our country back into line and out of the hands of the Socialist/Marxist morons in DC and Chicago.



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