America Still on Life-Support

Posted: November 4, 2010 by April Watkins in Our Government, Politics, Republicans, U.S. House of Representatives

Even after Tuesday’s election, Americans cannot breathe a sigh of relief.  The historic gain of Republican seats in both houses of Congress and in governorships across the country is a truer picture of the will and values of the American people.  Granted, it may be all but impossible to achieve any positive legislation or repeal the ludicrous laws previously passed – even with this new Congress.  But, at least we may have a legislative “stay” option in regard to the Socialist agenda on the Hill.   [See map below courtesy of FoxNews]

from FoxNews: 2010 Election Results for House of Representatives

The danger we face now is DARKNESS…not being able to see the continuing press of the Progressive/Socialist movement which will be achieved through regulations in the departments and at the agency levels. 

We have already seen bits of new regulations at various departments, such as the Dept of Education, where we learned that specific lessons which contained blatantly incorrect information were forced upon teachers to deliver to their students.  We have seen massive regulations in both the energy and banking sectors.  And, of course, the proposed new regulations of  Obamacare. 

The American people, as well as the new Congress, must make an aggressive movement to force transparency in each federal agency and department to new or altered regulations in order to stop the continuation of an agenda that aims to cripple our nation. 

Yes, this conspiracy sounds so outrageous that it could be a movie.  But it is not.  It has been building for a century and is at a point of culmination if not stopped.  I urge you readers to educate yourselves on the truth of the situation and the true history of our nation’s past.  When the pieces are placed together, the puzzle becomes a clear picture of a methodically planned movement to gain control of America in order to place her into a one world government.  Read your history.  It will surprise you…and that’s Why It Matters.

  1. crudelogic says:

    That sounds really scary. Regulators are actually regulating the business sector that caused this disaster. Health agencies implementing policies for a new law that helps millions of people. Department of Education is making sure that our children stay competitive in the global world. The horror of it all. The government is not actually supposed to do any real work!

    Don’t worry, Republicans are already promising to stop any progress by cutting off funding to any agency they don’t like, even if that agency is obligated to continue their work by law of United States.

    • Dear Crudelogic,
      First, I must say that your nickname is apropos for your comment. From your statement it is evident that you have not done research outside of the liberal drivel talking points. Allow me to bring some light into your incorrect statements.

      1. The “business sector” did not CAUSE the financial crisis – two government agencies Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac forced banks to loan to people who had little to no collateral to justify their mortgage amount. This was done by new “rules and regs” by the agencies and overseen and approved by Barney Franks and cohorts. When these entities had destabilized the banking system, the banks began to try to rid themselves of these unstable and defaulting loans by selling them off to bigger banks in packages. Because no action was taken by Congress to halt these practices by F & F and subsequently the big investment banks, all hell broke loose in our banking sector – which is in large owned by insurance companies based outside of the USA.

      2. The Obamacare fiasco will harm more people than it will “help.” We already have institutions in place for indigent patients, but what this law will do is destabilize the health care system and create a collapse of the insurance companies, the medical facilities and an enormous loss of doctors who will not be able to practice under the direction of a paper-tiger government doctor who determines medical care. There is so very much information on this issue that I am surprised that you have not educated yourself on this. Check the Congressional Budget Office for a start and look at the financial impact that they forecast with the implementation of Obamacare – NOW that all of the dirty little secrets of the legislation have come to light in its massive 2600+ page law.

      3. The Education Department has completely lost its focus on education and has long ago switched to indoctrination. If you have children in school, read their texts…you will find incorrect information, blatant lies, and extreme liberal bias rather than simple down the line subject study. Additionally, they have handcuffed the teachers and will allow only a particular curriculum to be presented. Teacher friends of mine from across the country say that they are amazed that so few people are rising up to help them out of this Socialist takeover. Membership in the NEA has dropped dramatically and some teachers who refuse to teach such tripe are threatened. As a final nail in the coffin, the Ed Dept has created convoluted lessons and roundabout methods that prohibit parents from assisting in their child’s homework. Since the parent is not in class every day, they have no way of knowing how little Johnnie is supposed to get to the answer with a jungle of unnecessary equations, when 2 +2 =4, but cannot be stated in that form.

      And finally, your statement “the government is not actually supposed to do any real work,” is to a point true. Constitutionally, our federal government is limited in their actual functions. The only two “jobs” it has is to protect and defend our country and to maintain value in our currency. All of the rest of the government has been added on throughout the years with the guise of help when actually the aim was to gain control of every aspect of a citizen’s life. This, my dear crudelogic, has been in the works for over a century. As I said…read it for yourself and discover the truth, rather than blindly absorb the talking points of a political group that you favor.

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