TSA”Copping” a Feel

Posted: November 15, 2010 by April Watkins in Homeland Security, T.S.A. airport screening, Terrorism
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I am as concerned as anyone about airport security.  Possibly more so, as my husband flies on a regular basis. However, the TSA’s methods of culling out the terrorists have gone to the extremes.  Rather than profile (because God forbid we should offend anyone, especially Muslims), they have decided to humiliate the flying public with body scans that reveal all and pat downs that have been reported to be rather, let’s say “touchy.” To quote the man in the San Diego airport (which may be the statement of the year), “Don’t touch my junk!”

This author is not unrealistic about the growth of home-grown terrorists; yes, I know that Johnny blue-eyes and blonde hair could just as easily have converted to Islam in order to focus his rage on society.  But if these new measures are to stay in place, then EVERYONE should have to go through the same ordeal…that includes MUSLIMS with BURKAS, HIJABS, NIQABS, KHIMARS, AND AL-AMIRAS and foreigners in native dress and idiots that decide to overdress for a flight.  This is one of those cases where an exemption to “opt out due to religious beliefs” is ludicrous!  It is precisely the “extreme religious beliefs” that we are scanning for, isn’t it?  The Baptists didn’t blow up the trade towers, nor did the Catholics, or Buddhists! 

OK, call me cranky.  But, this is ridiculous!


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