Festivus? Why not?

Posted: December 15, 2010 by April Watkins in Festivus

The made-up secular holiday plucked from an episode of the Jerry Seinfeld show has become a growing phenomenon.  “FESTIVUS…for the rest of us” is an annual event held December 23rd for, basically, anyone. 

Mr. Scrooge

It was created for the “Scrooges” and “Grinches” of the world – an alterative to Hanukkah, Christmas and the pressures of the commercialism that surround the Winter holidays.

Joy, celebration and sharing are NOT the ideals of this faux-holiday.  Instead, its basic tenet is an annual “airing of grievances” around the, now famous, unadorned, Festivus Pole, which appeared on the Seinfeld show as a plain aluminum pole.  Other aspects of this not-so-festive holiday include competitions and exhibitions of strength, and decries of “miracles” which are merely trivial events perceived as miracles. 

"Airing of the Grievances" *courtesy of NBC

Today’s story from the New York Post by Jeremy Olshan highlights just how politically correct our society has become, even to the point of being ridiculous. 

Olshan states, “It’s the first true Festivus miracle. Thanks to the faux holiday popularized by Jerry Seinfeld, a drug felon in California got to eat kosher TV dinners instead of the usual prison slop.  Before he was incarcerated in April, Malcolm Alarmo King, 38, convinced a judge he needed to be served the pre-packaged kosher meals due to his strict observance of “Festivus.”  “Court orders that the defendant is to receive a high protein no salami diet three times per day for ‘Festivism,’ ” Judge Derek Johnson ruled in May, when King was incarcerated in an Orange County jail. [Click here to read full story.]

I was first stunned by this story, but then I thought about other recently made up holidays, such as Kwanza.  All holidays are “made up” by man to celebrate one thing or another; so maybe Festivus is truly a new holiday.  At least it provides for a day to complain about everything and everyone who irritates you.  So, in my book…it’s a worthwhile event.  It’s perfect for those days when you wanted to explode, but couldn’t.  It’s also great for getting the family arguments out of the way prior to the cheerfulness of Christmas.

Grinch at the Festivus Pole


So, start making your list of grievances and let them all out on December 23rd!

For more information on Festivus and its origin, check out Wikipedia.
  1. Festivus? Why not?…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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