Hasta La Vista…Bitch!

Posted: May 2, 2011 by April Watkins in al Qaeda, Breaking News, CIA, Pakistan, September 11, Terrorism

Usama bin Laden is DEAD!!!!!!!

“Bye, bye!”

CIA operatives took out bin Laden with a shot to the head when they stormed the mansion where he was hiding.  The mansion complex, located in Abbottabad, Pakistan, was right under the noses of the Pakistani army.  Reuters reports that three others were killed in the US operation including one of bin Laden’s sons.

In searching for further information online, Google Images returned the image below which is noted as a photo of the terrorist post-mortem.  Authenticity not confirmed. 

P.S.  Photo above is a fake.  However, until the real photos of the raid or UBL’s death are made public, Why It Matters will keep this one on the blog to remind us of his demise. xxx

  1. shshs says:

    Hey from across the ocean! This is just what I was hunting for, and you wrote it nicely. Thankyou

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