Questions, Theories and Apple Pie

Posted: May 4, 2011 by April Watkins in al Qaeda, CIA, Intelligence, Special Ops, Terrorism, White House
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As predicted by many, the conspiracy theories are beginning to bloom in regard to the death of Usama bin Laden.  However, a few questions that have been asked in the past 24 hours seem to have a point of legitimacy. 

For instance, reports of the timeline of the covert operation continue to change – reports coming from the White House, itself.  Why?  What’s the big deal about telling us the actual timing?  If it compromises security, diplomacy or other operations then shouldn’t the WH have simply stayed mute?  The confusion that  such misinformation creates undermines the accuracy of any further information.  Of course…that may be the plan.

And then, there is the question of how DNA testing could have been done so quickly?  Was comparative DNA available in Afghanistan?  Odd, yes.  But, one could surmise that every detail was covered, including having a way to identify UBL.

Finally, there is the yo-yo decision of releasing photos.  To do or not to do…that is the question?  With the incredible attention to detail throughout this surgical strike, you would think that the Administration would have thought about the aftermath and had a plan.  Of course, they have a plan, it’s just that indecision may be part of the plan…it adds a sense of thoughtful concern.

The Telegraph, a UK newspaper, has an interesting piece by Damian Thompson that explores the conspiracy tract.  Click here to read. 

Check out the insider scoop from Stand Up America US“Osama bin Laden is DEAD, Questions Abound!” 

Also, there is an excellent article posted today by Major General Paul Vallely, U.S. Army (ret) on the SUA website.  You must read his analysis of the operation and his take on modern warfare,  “EXCLUSIVE:  Special / Covert Operations to the Rescue.”  MG Vallely is one of America’s best military minds. 



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