How Insulting!

Posted: July 20, 2012 by April Watkins in Business and Industry, Obama, Politics
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Obama’s arrogance never ceases to amaze me.  However, I am truly shocked at his comments and belief that business owners didn’t build their businesses!  Oh, how I wish my Scots-Irish grandparents were alive to describe to him how they ALONE built their businesses.  To tell about the years that they toiled with two shovels they used to physically dig gravel out of creeks beds into an old used Army truck and drive over dirt roads (not paved city roads) to deliver the load to a client.  My family has never taken nor asked for anything from any government including loans, grants, etc. Rather, we have been harassed at every turn by some government regulatory agency.

My family’s business is in the aggregate and mining industry.  Anyone working in that industry can tell you that constant compliance to unrealistic, meaningless and contradicting regulations (and I’m not referring to true and helpful regulations like wearing safety hats or having properly grounded electrical components) plus a continual barrage of exorbitant fines for inane “citations” (such as being fined $5,000 for not having new paint on an old, never used ladder built onto a wall of an 60+ year old storage building) create a situation that KILLS new jobs.

It’s the same for all industries – over regulation kills jobs. Ask Donald Trump.  Below is a chart showing the enormous rise in federal  regulations compiled by the US Chamber of Commerce.

It would appear that Mr. Obama needs to refresh his history lessons.  Hard work and tenacity built an American infrastructure before there was any US Government. Roads, mills, shops, even militia, were paid for by either wealthy individuals or folks with determination and strength.  The people created businesses based on supply and demand, not the government.  Anything that our government has done was funded completely by our tax dollars.  The government, supposedly, has no revenue streams except through our taxes.  Although one wonders what income sources the government does have that it doesn’t discuss publicly; like interest rates on loans to other countries, sales of military and technology materials, IRS foreclosures, and let’s not forget eminent domain.  Nevertheless, government cannot function without OUR tax dollars which are generated by the businesses the folks have created. 

To this day, Obama continues to tell us his modus operandi which is to “fundamentally change the United States of America,” a phrase he used over and over during his 2008 campaign.  He meant every word.  He and his cabal are bypassing Congress with Presidential Executive Orders to force changes to every aspect of American life and American diplomacy.  Just go look at the White House web site and read his orders.

Before you cast a vote this November, remember this:  Obama and his Ivy League alumni think the  American people are stupid; especially those of us in the “fly-over” area of America – you know, us gun toting, Bible beating, God fearing, small business owners.

Maybe he is right?  Today’s youth can’t even tell you correct answers about American History.  Ever watched Leno?  Maybe Americans have been so coddled that we cannot conceive of life in any other form or fashion? Those military men and women who fought overseas to stop the rise of communism and totalitarian governments, along with the millions of refugees from WWII are now all but gone. We have no collective knowledge of true sacrifice.

My question to you, my fellow Americans, is this…When are we going to pay attention to what is happening to our country?  Our rights, freedoms, liberties?  When are WE going to stand up and take back our country?

Are you willing to fight for your freedom as our forefathers did?  Are you willing to sacrifice now in order to gain more later?  Or will you simply ignore politics and the news and continue on to your ballgames, your social functions, your church activities, your job (if you have one).

If we sit and do nothing, we shall get exactly what we deserve.  And that is…Why It Matters.
For an entertaining look at this situation check out RUMBEAR CHRONICLES.

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