ABC/Yahoo Reveal Their True Racism

Posted: August 29, 2012 by April Watkins in Democrats, Election 2012, Obama
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I have had it with the racial comments made by the mainstream media, the NEW Democrat party, and Liberal Leftist!

Rather than analyze the policies of each party or those of each candidate, it appears that making below-the-belt comments are the only thing these folks can do.  “Playing the race card” is ridiculous in today’s America where we have a President that is of mixed-race.

It makes one wonder if they have any comprehension of the conversation that the nation, the people, the voters, are having?  Americans are not slinging mud; Americans are looking for jobs, trying to meet payrolls, worrying about their finances and their futures.



FROM: The Media Research Center

Take a look at this video clip from ABC/Yahoo’s live coverage of the RNC convention.

“During an ABC/Yahoo News livestream of the RNC convention a man can be heard saying that Romneys are “not concerned at all” about hurricane victims and that they’re “happy to have a party with black people drowning”. The outrageous comments, which were first reported by NewsBusters, appear to have not been intended for air but were instead caught by a hot mic.”


  • These comments are racist in the worst way; they are cloaked racism.
  • If I was a Democrat, I would be horrified at the debasing of the party by the Progressive/Liberal/Racists who are now defining that party.
  • If I was African-American, I would be furious that the Democratic Party’s powers-that-be continue to exploit Blacks for political gain while doing nothing to help the socioeconomic status of Blacks.

In reality, the policies, entitlement programs and “help” that the Obama administration and the Democrat party have enacted have kept minorities in an ever-advancing government enslavement.


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