DEMS: GOD is Gone!!

Posted: September 4, 2012 by April Watkins in Breaking News, Christianity, Democrats, Election 2012, Israel, Liberals, Obama
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BREAKING NEWS – The 2012 Democratic National Convention has deleted the word “God” from their entire platform.  The Platform for each political party is the game plan that their candidates have endorsed and includes policy and potential legislation goals.  A convention meeting entitled, The Faith Council, met on Monday, September 3.  While its moniker may include the word “faith,” the meeting focused on using faith-based organizations as Obama campaign outreach centers, rather than defining and building a platform on how the party addresses Democratic voters who are God-fearing.

Additionally, the DNC has craftily undermined Israel by refusing to acknowledge Jerusalem as the Jewish state Capitol.  Instead their spokesperson describes Jerusalem as and “issue” that needs to be dealt with in a two-state solution with the Palestinians.  American Jews should pay special attention to what is said, and more so, to what is NOT said during the DNC 2012.  The Obama Administration has made no secret that they support the Palestinian policies and have turned its back on Israel time and again.

You can read the entire platform of the DNC by clicking here.

One thing that can be said about the Democratic Party is that they tell us exactly what they intend to do or not to do.  It is our responsibility as voters to listen carefully and discern what is being said.  We must take back control of our country from the politicians, their surrogates and puppet masters, and that is …Why It Matters.



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