Democratic Delegates Split

Posted: September 7, 2012 by April Watkins in Anti-Americanism, Democrats, Democrats / DNC, Election 2012, Obama, POLITICAL PARTIES, Progressives / Socialists
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This week, the DNC was forced to revisit the 2012 version of their political platform.  Behind closed doors, language that had been included in the party’s platform for years was purposely omitted.  The language in contest was not merely semantics, but basic tenets that Democratic voters have always espoused:  “God” and “Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel.”

As delegates learned of the changes made to their message to America, many were irate that no consideration was made to ask the delegates what THEY wanted.  (Frankly, this back-room tactic has been the modus operandi of the Obama Administration and the Socialist-minded liberals who now have control of the Democrat Party.)  So, the DNC had to publicly amend the already-published platform.

When the vote came to the floor, the delegates were surprised to discover just how vehement their neighbors felt about God.  The old-time Democrats, the Dixie-crats, voted to include; the Progressive Dems, the ultra-liberals voted to omit.  Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall now?


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