Watkins and His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Hello and welcome to my blog.  My name is April Watkins and I am a columnist, editor and public relations/communications consultant. I launched this blog, WHY IT MATTERS, Decoding the Political Chatter, in order to expand on my weekly column of the same name and encourage debate on important issues in our country and local communities.

Watkins Greeting President Bush

In 2000, I founded a full-service, boutique PR firm, which provides a specialized approach for clients seeking strategic and individually focused plans for their businesses or image/brand enhancement.  In 2001, I was honored to spearhead the launch of the award-winning American Spirit Magazine, serving as its executive editor for nearly four years.  In addition, I have been a contributing editor for several trade and organizational periodicals.

Watkins Greeting President Clinton

Over the past 20 years I have worked with various companies, clients and individuals to create appropriate communications, manage brands and images, and deliver effective messages to their target audiences.  My experience ranges from the entertainment industry to Wall Street to government.  I have worked closely with The White House and several Cabinet departments (such as the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of the Interior, and Department of Defense) on several projects.

I hope you will enjoy reading my opinions and will share your thoughts on the issues discussed in this blog.  America is a land of many people and many opinions.  We are lucky to live in a country that gives us freedom of speech.  I encourage you to use that freedom guaranteed to you to express your views on important issues in your community.



Why It Matters is honored to introduce its new contributor, G. Byron Barrett.  A graduate from Cambridge University in the U.K., Barrett’s PhD was earned from Princeton University’s Department of Politics were he focused on American political history.

In the mid 1990s, G. Byron Barrett was honored with a Nobel Peace Prize for simply showing up at the ceremony, a feat matched only by Barak Obama.  Barrett has had a outstanding career in the field of drama, taking claim to six Academy Awards, three Emmys and one Partridge for his work in The Pear Tree.  The highlight of Barrett’s writing career came in 2012 as he accepted the Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best Fictional Production.  “I have always been passionate about my writings, but to have them recognized by Mr. Poe has been a phenomenal event,” states Barrett.

When questioned about his technology accomplishments, G. Byron is humble, “You know, Al and I were just sort of playing around with the computer and came up with the idea that it would be so cool to talk to people on the other side of the world.  Thus…the Internet.”

Why It Matters looks forward to a new voice in our ongoing discussions of politics, government antics, and other juicy topics!!

G. Byron Barrett



  1. William S. Jones says:


    Greetings from Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

    I wish all citizens of this great land of ours were as well informed and articulate.

    Keep giving ’em hell. 🙂

    The very best to you and yours.

    Very Respectfully,

  2. William S. Jones says:


  3. Frank Neville says:

    Linda ask me to look into your website. It will not be the last. Keep up this important work.
    Cousin-in-law Frank

  4. altonwoods says:

    A great resource of information and thought provoking perspectives! I’ll be back for more, bravo!

  5. Sue Crockett says:

    Hi, April,
    I met you at the movie theater last week. We enjoyed talking with you. I am President of the Carroll County Right to Life and also have a seat on the Board of Tennessee Right to Life. I try my best to keep up with what is going on in the state particularly and also the nation regarding abortion and euthanasia issues. I am disgusted that we are expected to pay for the abortions even when it goes against our faith, not to mention against our moral beliefs. At least, we have made some strides forward in Tennessee concerning abortion, even though at the national level, it may be all wiped out if the current administration has its way.
    It was nice to have met you. Keep up the good work.

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