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OK…I give up!  How many more stupid things can be going on in our country at the same freakin’ time?

Here’s a brief list:


1 – Bengahzi – was a LONG time ago per Press Secretary Carney…however, NOT so long for the families of the murdered Americans I would bet.  If you expect the Obama administration to come clean on this or any other subject for that matter, you might as well get in the “Ice Water” line in HELL…..

Dont tread on my gun rights

2 – Gun Control Bill – Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is DYING to get SOMETHING passed regarding gun control.  Hopefully he will just die off… But that’s one thing about our elected officials…  They NEVER give up on trying to destroy your Constitutional Rights!  If only they were so adamant about protecting the tenets that built our country…  Dream on I guess….

illegal immigration

3 – Immigration – Please, get it through your ridiculously swollen Senatorial and Congressional heads that IMMIGRATION is at the root of America’s problems in regard to terrorism!  Lack of border control, our apparent inability to keep track of NON-AMERICANS who enter our country and political correctness in REMOVING these people will eventually come back to bite us in our collective asses!  I do not believe for one second that the Federal Government and DHS cannot keep up with foreign students or immigrant workers and their comings and goings across our borders!  That’s a load of crap!  They simply choose not to.

don't tax me bro4 – Sales Tax for Internet Business

This little morsel for the state and federal coffers will slide right in while everyone no one is watching.  They say that internet businesses that do not collect sales tax are in unfair competition with traditional “brick and mortar” businesses.  If you plan to force internet businesses to collect and pay taxes to each state and locality while your traditional businesses only have to collect and pay their single state and locality taxes, this would be completely UNTRUE!  Call me an idiot, but your small business that sells on the internet could never afford the infrastructure to administer the tax accounting, collection and payment burden.  They will simply go out of business, thus exacerbating our economic problems, increasing unemployment and killing the American dream for thousands of hard working people.  Maybe that’s the whole idea…..

military prayer

5 – America’s Military and Faith

So my niece is forced to learn about the “peace loving” religion of Islam (no, Christianity is NOT discussed), but our soldiers are currently being told to hide their faith or be prosecuted by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!  The level to which this makes no sense is astounding!  Which is why I have no doubt our government will continue in this vein.

6 – Foreign Aid – OK, this just KILLS me…  With the sequester budget cuts (laughable BS at BEST), daily attempts to increase taxes, rampant fraud in all branches of government programs, we ALSO have aid to foreign countries.  Not just to countries with which we are friendly, but to countries that would like to BLOW US UP!  We dole out about 50 BILLION dollars each YEAR!  Take a look at the numbers for just a few:

  • Afghanistan                       2.5 BILLIONmoney hole
  • Pakistan                            2.3 BILLION
  • Iraq                                    2.0 BILLION
  • Egypt                                 1.5 BILLION
  • Nigeria                              600 MILLION
  • West Bank / Gaza             440 MILLION
  • Lebanon                           167 MILLION
  • Ukraine                               04 MILLION
  • Russia                                52 MILLION     (Uh????)
  • Saudi Arabia                      10 THOUSAND    (WHAT??)

I honestly believe that 50 BILLION dollars would be MUCH better spent by sending each American a check for $160 and tell them to go out for dinner or a few drinks or pay a bill or two.  It would definitely garner the Federal Government more respect that it does from these ingrates.


7 – Obamacare is LAW????

42% of people polled this week by The Kaiser Family Foundation did NOT know this….  Why am I not surprised?  That must have be the 42% of idiotic Americans that forgot to V O T E!!!!  You non-voting bastards get everything you deserve…..

The biggest problem is that there is SO MUCH more than just this going on today in our country.  It’s the Federal Government’s biggest and best domestic weapon:  The American WMD…Weapon of Mass Distraction!  Keep as many balls going in the air as possible, ‘cause we can’t watch them all!

I have to wash my hands now….just typing about the Federal Government makes me feel dirty…



To date, we have seen both houses of Congress put forth health care reform bills that are nothing more than a license to steal.  The latest travesty occurred this past Saturday evening when the Senate voted to continue discussions on the Democrats’ (no bipartisan input allowed) proposed health care bill. 

The pièce de résistance of this Senate proposal was not the bill per se, but the bribes that were included to obtain key votes and secure reelections. 

The critical votes for Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, were those from conservative Democrats who are facing backlash over ultra-liberal policies from the extreme Left of the party.  One very important vote was that of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, a conservative Democrat who has been somewhat critical of extreme liberal policies in the past.  Recently, Landrieu had voiced her “grave concerns” about the cost of the health care bill.  (more…)


The nation has suffered a succession of political leaders who have made poor decisions in regard to sustaining growth and economic stability.  At the same time, foreign demands have led to shaky alliances with other countries which impact trade, as well as security. The military forces have been spread too thin and are stationed throughout the world, leaving the homeland less guarded and less secure. After witnessing repetitive violations of laws by high profile citizens who incur little to no consequences, the masses have grown detached from the importance of respect for the law and order of a civilized society. The citizenry has become splintered in their allegiances: siding with voices who speak to their own ideas of the role of government and its obligations to its people.  With loyalties linked to specific entitlements, public programs and mounting military demands throughout the world, government spending continues to swell as politicos attempt to appease their supporters. In order to pay for these expenses, new taxes have been imposed, current taxation rates have been increased more currency has had to be minted; all of which leads to higher inflation and higher costs for everyday goods. Citizens are becoming less favorable to the leaders whom they had once praised. Meanwhile, threats continue to mount from every corner of the world and peace seems stretched to a breaking point.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?  One might read the situation synopsis above and conclude that this is the state of America in 2009.  But no, America is not the distressed nation described above.  These are the circumstances around A.D. 476…just before the fall of Rome.

fall of rome

There is an old axiom that claims “history will teach us nothing.”  In reading through chronicles of world history, one can certainly appreciate the allegation of this thought.  Century after century, generation after generation, humans exhibit the same types of actions and reactions to the world around them. The situation of Rome at the time of its downfall strikes an eerie similarity to that of our own country.  (more…)

Despite the tremendous efforts of many concerned American citizens, talk radio and bloggers, the U.S. House of Representatives passed, by a narrow margin of 7 votes, the largest regulatory and taxation bill in the history of the United States. 

This bill has been kept low-key and away from the scrutiny of the American people for months.  For that matter, much of the language of the bill has been unknown until days prior to the vote, leaving House Members and their staffs in a flurry to scan the document, if they read it at all.  As you can image, this allowed for little to no consideration of the ramifications that each point would bring.  (more…)

US House of Representatives


US House of Representatives

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed, by a narrow margin of 7 votes, the largest regulatory and taxation bill in the history of the United States. 

Thanks to the new arm of our socialist-styled government, the mass media (ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT, LAT, WP, etc.), this bill has been purposely kept low-key and out-of-the-light from the American people for months.  First, the bill was given the benign, good feeling name of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (H.R. 2454).    It has also been referred to as the Cap and Trade bill, the Waxman-Markey bill, and the Climate Control bill(more…)


Disguised by its working title “The Climate Change Bill” (aka the Waxman-Markey bill), this piece of legislation is more about taxing American citizens than helping the environment.  In a purposeful attempt to rush this bill through the house and, hopefully, the Senate, Democrats hope to have all in place before the American people raise their heads from the summer vacations.  When we do, we will find that, while we thought we were only getting a tan, we were, in fact, getting screwed! 

The Wall Street Journal has an eye-opening article today that details parts of the bill and the politics surrounding it.  Here are some highlights: (more…)