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It’s funny to look back in time and determine where people stood on issues 20, 50 or 200 years ago and then compare the modern day stances on the same issues.  Societal changes, shifting demographics and changes in technology and the ramifications of these changes rippling through society as a whole, sometimes leave me surprised and confused.

Let’s talk about the latest battleground forming in our nation today; The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Until just a few short years ago, guns in society were rarely considered.  It was just assumed that most people had guns and knew how to use them.  I grew up with guns in our home.  It was no big deal.  My father taught my brother and me how to properly use a gun, care for it, and ABOVE ALL, respect it.  I personally took a 12 gauge shotgun to school for use in a school play and actually shot it (with the metal shot removed from the shells of course) during the play!  Guess what?  No one was surprised and no one even checked my shells to verify they were empty.  In that era, even adults placed faith in 17 year olds that they were being responsible with weapons.

Until 40 or 50 years ago, guns were a primary means in putting food on tables in a majority of homes in America.  Guns were tools that were used responsibly, for the most part.  Once again, they were no big deal.

Now, it seems, guns ARE a big deal.  Why?  Because some crackpot idiot decided to STEAL guns and massacre 20 children and 8 adults in the most recent act of craziness.  It’s not JUST Newtown, CT.  Its Columbine, Jonesboro, Aurora, etc., as well as Tyrifjorden Buskerud, Norway, Baku, Azerbaijan and Dunblane, Scotland.  If you think crazy is limited to America, then you are nuts as well.

You might think that this is the reason that gun control is all you hear about on the news these days.  Well, it’s not.  I have news for you.  These “crazies” would have killed people with a knife, ball bat or a damn rock if that is what they could get their hand on.  The reason that our Federal Government is so up in arms over guns is simple….control…

I hear people say that we need to ban “military STYLE assault rifles”. Why?  Because they LOOK like an automatic weapon.  Guess what?  They are NOT automatic weapons.  Honestly, you can do as much damage with your Dad’s 30.06 deer rifle as you can with a Bushmaster XM 15 rifle.  It might take you an extra 3-4 seconds to change out the clips since they hold only 5 rounds, but I can carry 20 to 30 full clips with no problem whatsoever.  All this talk about limiting clips to 10 rounds or less is no more than political scare tactics.

It’s about time that our elected officials start talking about the REAL meaning of the 2nd Amendment and quit all the beating around the bush.  They act like stating a fact is treason.  The simple truth is that the 2nd Amendment authorizes We The People to protect ourselves and our country from a tyrannical government…end of story.  It does not mention or even allude to hunting or self-defense from other citizens.  You see, our Founding Fathers were not worried about hunting….that was a daily chore.  They were not worried about self-defense from other citizens…they all had guns and most of them were responsible and trustworthy citizens.  Our Founding Fathers were fighting a war of independence from a TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT!  The BRITISH!  GET IT PEOPLE??????  These men, in their infinite wisdom, saw fit to delineate a physical object (the ONLY physical object listed in our Bill of Rights) as the ONE tangible object REQUIRED to overthrow a tyrannical government!  ARMS……

Now, if you consider the 2nd Amendment in this light, what makes you think that our Founding Fathers would even consider allowing the People to be armed with weapons that do military style weapon cartoonnot even come close to matching the weaponry that the government possesses?  They would not.  That would be like saying, “Well, the British have flintlock rifles, so we need to fight our battles against them with the bow and arrow”!  Now, exactly how much sense does that make?  None whatsoever!  That would be a totally stupid statement to make, and even an idiot should realize it.

Our Federal Government has NO right under the Constitution to limit the people’s access to weapons and has even less of a mandate to know WHO possess these arms!

It is impossible to overthrow a tyrannical government with sub-standard weapons.  It is also foolish of the People to inform the same government as to who owns weapons that could be used in overthrowing it.

Does this now make sense to everyone?

Alas, probably not…  I understand that Progressives will, for some reason, disagree with even the simplest of arguments.  Just as they cannot usually see that lower tax rates generate MORE taxes in the long run, they will refuse to see that our Founders foresaw that, at some point, the People MAY have to resort to putting its own Federal government back in line.

If, for any reason, you don’t believe the obvious, PLEASE consult an expert.  I can tell you who the experts are that can give you first-hand information regarding banning guns and documented gun ownership…

Gun Control 1

Ask a Russian…ask a Chinese…ask a North Korean…maybe a German!

In the grand scheme, it should not be a question of WHAT kind of arms I can own.  The answer should be anything I can afford.

I’m finished now….  I have to get back to work to make the next payment on my Tomahawk Missile.

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Jobs Bill Passes Senate

Posted: February 23, 2010 by April Watkins in Economy, Harry Reid, U.S. Senate
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Freshman Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) broke ranks with the Republican leadership voting in favor of the “Reid Jobs Bill.”  The bill passed the Senate with a 62-30 vote, yet left frustration on both sides of the aisle. 

"Screw Bipartisanship!"

The original proposed bill was drafted by the finance committee and had bipartisan input and support.  However, before placing the bill for vote, deceptive Senate Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) decided to gut the bill of its tax breaks.  [Makes you wonder how this guy sleeps at night?]

Sen. Brown, along with other GOP members, made the call to vote for the bill even in its watered down form.  “This Senate jobs bill is not perfect … but I voted for it because it contains measures that will help put people back to work.”

Highway construction and other infrastructure projects will see a large portion of the funding in this version of the bill. 


To date, we have seen both houses of Congress put forth health care reform bills that are nothing more than a license to steal.  The latest travesty occurred this past Saturday evening when the Senate voted to continue discussions on the Democrats’ (no bipartisan input allowed) proposed health care bill. 

The pièce de résistance of this Senate proposal was not the bill per se, but the bribes that were included to obtain key votes and secure reelections. 

The critical votes for Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, were those from conservative Democrats who are facing backlash over ultra-liberal policies from the extreme Left of the party.  One very important vote was that of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, a conservative Democrat who has been somewhat critical of extreme liberal policies in the past.  Recently, Landrieu had voiced her “grave concerns” about the cost of the health care bill.  (more…)


The dollar has suffered several major hits in the past week, including being replaced as the official trading currency for the oil industry. 

Read the latest piece on the death of the dollar from today’s New York Post here.

The article, “Dollar Loses Reserve Status to Euro and Yen,” by Paul Tharp includes the following frightening harbingers:dollar Euro yen

*Over the past three months banks have switched 63% of their new cash into Euros and Yen instead of American dollars.

*Central banks have decreased their shares of new cash put into dollars down by 37%.

*International central banks complain of lending money to the US to cover America’s debt, but are reimbursed by a currency that has lost 10% of its value since July.

Hope Economics Turns to Dispair

Posted: August 22, 2009 by April Watkins in Economy, Our Government

Reuters News Service reports that the Obama Administration will predict a HUGE  raise in its 10-year Heavy debtbudget deficit projection in the mid-session budget report next week.  The report will now project debt at $9 trillion rather than the $7.108 trillion seen in former reports. 

The White House claims that the increase in debt is due to “updated economic data.”  This admission from the Administration finally brings their budget numbers into line with those of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) which as warned of the debt soaring to more than $9 trillion for several months.  

One wonders why the White House has been so slow in releasing these “updated” projections when the data has been available for some time.  It would appear that the Administration is either trying to hide the truth from the public or that the White House budget office is staffed with incompetents.  Hmmmmmmmmm.

stacks of cashThe fact that the White House has finally agreed to publish the true-number debt forecast indicates a shift in the Administration’s tone.  It seems apparent that someone has realized that the American people are paying attention and will not be swayed by “we-hope” economics.

Click here for the Reuters report. 


The nation has suffered a succession of political leaders who have made poor decisions in regard to sustaining growth and economic stability.  At the same time, foreign demands have led to shaky alliances with other countries which impact trade, as well as security. The military forces have been spread too thin and are stationed throughout the world, leaving the homeland less guarded and less secure. After witnessing repetitive violations of laws by high profile citizens who incur little to no consequences, the masses have grown detached from the importance of respect for the law and order of a civilized society. The citizenry has become splintered in their allegiances: siding with voices who speak to their own ideas of the role of government and its obligations to its people.  With loyalties linked to specific entitlements, public programs and mounting military demands throughout the world, government spending continues to swell as politicos attempt to appease their supporters. In order to pay for these expenses, new taxes have been imposed, current taxation rates have been increased more currency has had to be minted; all of which leads to higher inflation and higher costs for everyday goods. Citizens are becoming less favorable to the leaders whom they had once praised. Meanwhile, threats continue to mount from every corner of the world and peace seems stretched to a breaking point.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?  One might read the situation synopsis above and conclude that this is the state of America in 2009.  But no, America is not the distressed nation described above.  These are the circumstances around A.D. 476…just before the fall of Rome.

fall of rome

There is an old axiom that claims “history will teach us nothing.”  In reading through chronicles of world history, one can certainly appreciate the allegation of this thought.  Century after century, generation after generation, humans exhibit the same types of actions and reactions to the world around them. The situation of Rome at the time of its downfall strikes an eerie similarity to that of our own country.  (more…)

Despite the tremendous efforts of many concerned American citizens, talk radio and bloggers, the U.S. House of Representatives passed, by a narrow margin of 7 votes, the largest regulatory and taxation bill in the history of the United States. 

This bill has been kept low-key and away from the scrutiny of the American people for months.  For that matter, much of the language of the bill has been unknown until days prior to the vote, leaving House Members and their staffs in a flurry to scan the document, if they read it at all.  As you can image, this allowed for little to no consideration of the ramifications that each point would bring.  (more…)