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September 12, 2013 – Today is the 12th anniversary of the attacks on PENTAGON ATTACK (FOR RELEASE)America by Islamist militants.  Twelve years ago I stood just blocks from the White House and witnessed the attack on the Pentagon.  I thought I would die on that day; it was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced, one I will never forget.


Some say that this is history, over, a bad day that we should overcome.  I disagree.  I have seen Americans slip back into an ignorant bliss of daily life, forgetting the tragedies that happened and could still happen.  We ARE NOT safer now than before the attack.  We are merely more alert on some levels, but not all.

Unlike the Israelis, we are not a prepared people for attack – this for several reasons:

  • While we are under constant attack, it is not witnessed on a daily basis by our populace.
  • Our government does not want us to focus on the possibilities of attack and continues to ply us with ridiculous procedures that do nothing.
  • Because our country is so large, as a people we do not “feel” the pain of loss as acutely as a smaller area.  This is why New York City and Washington, D.C. react to the memory of September 11, 2001 differently than the rest of America.
  • Americans have become a pampered bunch; we no longer realize, moreover appreciate, the sacrifices that must be made in order to live in a country that is free from a tyrannical government.
  • We have become a fickle society that concerns itself with trivial details, entertainment and sports, rather than excellence, pride and self-sufficiency.

When the reels of past images roll on television stations across our land Pennsylvaniatoday, do not sigh with boredom.  Do not change the channel searching for something more entertaining.  Stop and take a moment, just a moment to consider that an attack like that of September 11, 2001 WILL happen again, it is merely a matter of time.  The only variable is us – how will we react?  What will we have learned? What will we teach our children in order to help them protect themselves?

Americans must remember this horrific day so that we can stay vigilant against threats to our nation, our people and our way of life.

May God lead us; may God help us; may God bless America.




Obama’s indifference to Islamists attacks on US installations around the world is sickening.  While families, friends and colleagues mourn the loss of those killed in these hateful attacks, The White House seems to be running on auto-pilot.

I am outraged!  Americans serving overseas in various embassies, consulates, etc. are being targeted, attacked and murdered by Islamist terrorists.

From WCBM TalkRadio: Clinton Refused To Allow Marines To Cover Embassy, Hired Unarmed Locals

What is the Obama administration doing?

What is the State Department doing?

What is the U.S. Congress doing? 

Apparently, not too damn much!

Reuters reported on Saturday, 15 September 2011 at 4:47 PM that the Sudanese government has now REFUSED to allow a platoon of U.S. Marines to enter the country to protect our ambassadorial interests and citizens.  The Associated Press reported that 4 U.S. troops were killed in a THIRD insider attack on NATO / American forces in Afghanistan over the weekend.   This is in addition to the attacks on our embassies in Egypt, Libya and Yemen which resulted in the death of our Ambassador to Libya and 3 key security personnel. 

The White House website has no mention of these new attacks.

Mobs in Kuwait, Sept 15, 2012

Meanwhile, violent protests by Islamists have erupted at other US consulates and embassies in Tunisia, Morocco, Bangladesh, Germany and Kuwait.  Kuwait of all places! According to the AP report, Kuwaitis surrounded our embassy shouting, “Allah Akbar” and “USA Stop The Bullshit!” after we saved that country from the tyranny of Sadam Hussein and his army’s raping and pillaging of their entire little piece of Middle East turf.

The White House website has no mention of these attacks either.

Both The White House and the State Department do have statements explaining their evacuation of our Middle East embassies, etc. and have posted warnings for Americans in the region.  Gee, thanks! At least that’s more warning than they gave the poor ambassador and his entourage after being alerted to credible threats and a possible attack on the consulate on September 11th.

What more has to happen before we publicly admit that we are in a war with Islam? 

How many more Americans, British and other NATO personnel must die before Americans realize that NOTHING we do in terms of “good faith” efforts, humanitarian aid, and especially FINANCIAL AID will ever change the Muslim view of the West? 

As the President of these United States and as the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces, Obama should have made a prime-time Presidential address to the nation and the world regarding his outrage at these acts of war.  But… he didn’t.  He met the airplane bringing home the bodies of the slain and made a speech saying…

Photo courtesy of The White House

“…This tragic attack takes place at a time of turmoil and protest in many different countries. I have made it clear that the United States has a profound respect for people of all faiths. We stand for religious freedom. And we reject the denigration of any religion – including Islam.

(yada, yada, yada – then)

“Most of all, we must reaffirm that we will carry on the work of our fallen heroes.

“I know the images on our televisions are disturbing. But let us never forget that for every angry mob, there are millions who yearn for the freedom, and dignity, and hope that our flag represents. That is the cause of America – the ideals that took root in our founding; the opportunity that drew so many to our shores; and the awesome progress that we have promoted all across the globe.

(More yada, yada, yada)

“So with their memory to guide us, we will carry forward the work of making our country stronger, our citizens safer, and the world a better and more hopeful place. Thank you.”

No God be with these men and their families, or God be with our servicemen and women all around the world, and no God Bless America.  Just “Thank You.”

Pitiful leadership.  And that is…Why It Matters.


Mitt Romney seems to be a nice guy.  Normally, one might think that such a statement would be a positive attribute to a candidate.  The truth is that nice guys don’t always win.  Why?  Because they are too concerned with maintaining their composure, taking the high road, and playing by the rules.  When nice guys are struck by mud-slinging, their natural reaction is to stay calm, focused and make light of any controversy.

I saw this happen during the Bush Administration.  When the President was continually bombarded with falsehoods, inaccurate reporting and blatant name-calling by Pelosi and Reid, he simply turned the other cheek too many times.  I wanted to yell at my television and say “Stand Up and Defend Yourself and Your Staff.” However, the Bush White House would remain calm and nicely dispel accusations from the Press Room.  It was because of Bush’s public, non-confrontational behavior as President, that he was dubbed “soft” and “dumb.  When you saw the angry George Bush – such as after the attacks of September 11 – you saw determination, focus and a steel backbone.

In my years of working in Public Relations in Washington, D.C., I had the honor to meet President Bush on several occasions.  One meeting in particular made such an impression on me that I am, more than ever, convinced that assertiveness is the most important trait for a Presidential candidate.  The event was an award ceremony where President Bush was to honor outstanding officers in the FBI.  I was in the greeting room with a few others awaiting the President’s arrival.  As usual, Bush was right on time; he is a stickler for punctuality.  As he walked into the room, his “good ole boy” Texan personality was the first thing I noticed.  He spoke to everyone as he entered from members of his advance team of Secret Service Agents to dignitaries to the domestic staff.  He would ask questions, laugh and simply showed respect to everyone for their particular role in his visit; which was always a huge undertaking with any President.

What happened next was an incredible sneak peek at the man beneath the pleasantries; he scanned the room for his security chief, looked at his watch and changed personalities in the blink of an eye.  Bush became focused and very serious, I saw the Commander-in-Chief at work.  He began to ask for updates, timing of later meetings, gave brief instructions to his aides and ended his visiting time with all of us, saying, “Okay people, it’s back to work.  We’ve got a lot to do today, let’s move.”  With that said, all of the dignitaries, greeters, and non-essential people were quickly escorted out of the room and toward the auditorium for the award presentation.

The serious, more aggressive tone that President Bush assumed was a startling contrast to the image portrayed by the liberal mainstream media and the Democratic leadership.  This was no “dummy.”  This was a thoughtful and complicated man who understood the enormity of his job.  This was a man who refused to alter his natural, easy-going ambiance when appropriate; yet could switch his mind-set to become a commanding leader instantly.   Over the eight years of his Presidency, I wondered why he did not show this unassailable side more often and more publicly.

I see this happening with Mitt Romney.  There is no doubt that Romney is an intelligent, meticulous, business leader.  There is also a track record of his successes as a governor under fire.  However, Romney is not telling his own story.  PR 101 teaches that “no one will tell YOUR story better than YOU.”

  • Mitt Romney needs to speak DIRECTLY to the American people, not to interviewers.

  • He needs to tout his accomplishments and QUIT SIDE-STEPPING THE SPECIFICS.

  • He needs to be PROUD of his achievements and be a standard bearer for all Americans who aim for success.

  • Romney should EMBRACE his wealth as the reward for hard work and a job well done.

  • Romney should stand up as a STATESMAN and publicly refuse to take a salary and any future retirement annuity funds if elected.  After all, he doesn’t need the money.  This one act would send a reverberating message throughout Congress and across the nation that ROMNEY wants to be President in order to rebuild America.

Plus… this would emphasize the Founding Fathers’ belief that public service is a duty and not a long term job – it would link him to George Washington like no one else has ever done.



Nice guys are great as friends, neighbors and acquaintances, but not as politicians.  In their minds, nice guys strive to stay above the fray as an icon of confidence.  What many people do not understand is that the majority of Americans are fighters at heart. Just look at our hobbies; football, basketball, racing, hunting, etc.  All of which are competitive, physical surrogates for our inner-warriors.  Our country was borne from strife and sacrifice and this is innate in our ethos.  Regardless of when we arrived on American soil or from where we came, Americans will fight to maintain our freedoms.

What our citizens are looking for is not a nanny, we are seeking our own modern day William Wallace,  a true Patriot that we can follow into any battle – be it economic, political or military.  Leaders must be strong, tough, steady and passionate; these are the key qualities that inspire people to follow a Commander-in-Chief and a President.

And that is…Why It Matters.

Hasta La Vista…Bitch!

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Usama bin Laden is DEAD!!!!!!!

“Bye, bye!”

CIA operatives took out bin Laden with a shot to the head when they stormed the mansion where he was hiding.  The mansion complex, located in Abbottabad, Pakistan, was right under the noses of the Pakistani army.  Reuters reports that three others were killed in the US operation including one of bin Laden’s sons.

In searching for further information online, Google Images returned the image below which is noted as a photo of the terrorist post-mortem.  Authenticity not confirmed. 

P.S.  Photo above is a fake.  However, until the real photos of the raid or UBL’s death are made public, Why It Matters will keep this one on the blog to remind us of his demise. xxx

This is the question that so many Americans are asking in the aftermath of the killing rampage at Ft. Hood this past week.  Why?  Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman has even announced plans for an investigation into the military’s protocol in regard to how and why they “missed the signs” of a man in distress.  Why?  (more…)

September 11, 2001 – Remembered

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NYC under attack

NYC under attack


Today is the eighth year anniversary of the most horrible attack on the United States mainland.  September 11, 2001 is a day that will never be forgotten and is seared in my memory. 


On that ill-fated day, I was in Washington, D.C. in my office which was two blocks from the White House.  (more…)